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Our next release of our Production Solution products is about to go live. We've released a new version of our Open Civil Keys. These include important NCS 5.0+ updates and the NCS Phase and Status Keys with descriptions. The Open Civil Standard Keys are supplied in pdf format. InstantOn and Jump Kit customers get them in spreadsheet form and may rapidly customize Production Solution products with them.

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MoreCompetency, Inc. released another continuous development update to our Civilized NCS Keys.

The new free download of the Standard Civil NCS Key in now available in PDF format on

Get the Standard Civil Keys

The Keys to Better Layer and Symbol Standards Arrive

The Standard Civil NCS Keys include and list all of the AIA National CAD Standards Major and Minor Keys and list Civil and Survey Key additions. The published list self-documents NCS Major, Minor, and Civil Keys.

The Civilized Keys download simplifies compliance with the NCS Layer and/or Level standards for civil engineering, survey, and governmental organizations of all types and sizes.

We trust you can find more shared meanings in them. Most people do.

The Standard Civil Keys offer:

  • Civil and Survey discipline Keys often with a choice of Keys
  • Keys included were derived and compiled from a large number of sources including commercial firms, government agencies and organizations from a wide range of geographies.
  • The Standard Keys have been under continuous development and refinement since the release of NCS 3.0
  • Fully Support NCS 4.0 and the current NCS 5.0 release
  • Include NCS Phase and Status Keys
  • The Keys are software and vendor agnostic
    • They may be employed in any CAD, GIS, or BIM production or documentation environment

The Standard Key List is available to Production Solution product customers in raw Microsoft Excel spreadsheet form.

The updated Standard NCS Key list will be included in Production Solution product development and management Excel tools and documentation in future builds of the Production Solutions.