Release 6 for Civil 3D 2016 Arrives

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The new Release 6 of our Jump Production Solutions products for AutoCAD Civil 3D simultaneously supports the latest 3 releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015, and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014.

Release 6 for AutoCAD Civil 3D is available today. 2015 and 2014 will be available in a day or so.

Earlier AutoCAD Civil 3D releases are still supported and available for Release 5.

The Fast Way to Better CAD Standards

The Production Solution Release 6 upgrade is focus on producing better AutoCAD Civil 3D Style tools; more in-depth coverage for common infrastructure systems; unsurpassed customization detail combined with ease of use; and more rapid production of AutoCAD Civil 3D Plan and Profile related data.

Release 6 demonstrably produces better output to other CAD and GIS applications which in-turn supports better interoperability standards in organizations of any size. If you are a governmental organization you can deploy, implement, and employ Release 6 products in less time with less integration and customization work required. Any customizations you must make are now easier to do and much easier to maintain.

Implementation of new color, lineweight, and plotstyle Layer properties generated by spreadsheet formulas based on our Open NCS Civilized Standard Keys table and our easy to learn and use last-digit color Rules.

Release 6 includes in-depth updates to all Survey related tools: Survey Codes, Figure Dbs, new Description Key Set tools, and updates to our real world production Description Key Set tools.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Release 6 includes:

  • Acompletely new and optional set of integrated CIty Layer Standards
  • Additional in-depth support for typical municipal and county infrastructure utility systems
  • Improved Point Style and Label Style support backed by the world's deepest Symbol Set for Civil 3D
  • Hundreds for Style updates
  • Deeper a better performing Description Key Sets and better customization tools
  • See all the Detailed Changes here

Easy to Learn Well Documented Products

Inside AutoCAD Civil 3D all our Style tools are documented in-depth.

  • Every user can see and understand what all the tools do and how their available choices differ in detail.
  • Our in-depth external documentation extends to every file and folder for every resource.
  • Our complete development , training, and demo project dataset is documented in depth and in detail.
  • Hours and hours of in-depth on-line video recordings that support all the Features and functionality of our tools at work inside AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Easy to Install, Deploy, and Implement

The typical product install takes a few minutes.

  • Product installation requires no special security privileges
  • No special installation or management skill.
  • The default installation won’t even effect an existing Civil 3D installation.
  • Won't effect AutoCAD Civil 3D third party applications or code.

Easy Customization

Our products are continuously developed and built from the ground up to be customized.

  • The Civil 3D Production Solution is the only product line of its kind available anywhere in the world for any price.
  • Most customization involves the simple act of choosing what you want and removing what you do not need today.
  • We supply the built in tools, structure, and project resources you need to perform the customization process and maintain it for all your users and different types of projects.

Affordable Productivity

The Production Solutions Release 6 products make AutoCAD Civil 3D instantly more productive, more capable, and easy to employ in real world survey and civil engineering projects.

We do all that for a price that any organization can afford.

Our products fully embrace and support an important idea:

Work the Same – Publish on Demand

We guarantee easy drawing and project upgrades from one release of AutoCAD Civil 3D to another. We’ve kept that promise for every release of AutoCAD Civil 3D since 2007 including all the upgrades and service packs in between.

Get work done easier and faster in Concept, Practice and Deliverable.

Inside AutoCAD Civil 3D you should be able to:

  • Produce project work of any type in a consistent working production environment.
  • Deliver that work to any jurisdiction, client, professional, or organizational standard without reinventing the wheel for each project.

In Depth Style Support for Every Civil 3D Feature

If Civil 3D includes it, we support it with a host of Consistent, Functional, and Practical Civil 3D Styles and Sets. You get the choices, the variety, and the demanding presentation and publication performance you need from the largest, fully integrated, and most complete Civil 3D Styles library on the planet.

Thousands and thousands of production ready Styles and Sets are available in an easy to use Jump Kit resource library.

Get The Jump Kit

Jump Kit includes hundreds and hundreds of Alignment, Profile, Section, and multiple variations of all the View Features.
Our Styles and Label Styles and Sets all work together to create seamless Production Solution for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Field to Finish in AutoCAD Civil 3D

A Better Survey in Civil 3D

InstantOn Survey includes:

  • 1500+ job tested Description Keys in a host of Description Key Sets.
  • An integrated Survey Prefix Db file based on the most commonly employed commercial, State DOT, and US government agency standards.
  • Our Key Sets work together with fully integrated Point Styles, Point Label Styles, Survey Figures, and Survey Prefix databases.
  • Out of the box support for multiple forms of graphic and annotative variations are actually all built in.
  • In depth Style and Set tool support for all typical types and kinds of survey found and civil engineering design infrastructure:  Roadways, Site Design, Subdivisions, Earthworks, Utilities (all types), even Traffic signal diagrams and Tree species surveys are supported.
  • We even supply the Styles to quality check and markup errors and omissions for all the mission critical Civil 3D Features.

If you survey it or design it in AutoCAD Civil 3D, the odds are we have Ready to Run Styles that support it.

Instant Design Ready Productivity

InstantOn is Ready to Run

The 2700+ “basic” Styles in Templates Only and Instant On Basic are just the start.

National Standards Support

The Production Solutions Release 6 is NCS (National CAD Standard) 4.0 and NCS 5.0+ compliant.

  • You get consistent graphics; in depth, complete, and organized collections of all the necessary resource files; and more fully integrated options.
  • All the resources are easy to find, edit, and maintain.
  • All the naming schemes for all the included AutoCAD resources (Layers, Blocks, Linetypes, Textstyles, Plotstyles, etc.) employ user friendly NCS “like” naming schemes.

Standard Parts

Get the Symbol Set

We offer Symbol Set and Blocks Only products that allow you to add our standardized NCS resources to your own custom templates and other AutoCAD based apps in minutes.

Get Blocks Only

The Symbol Set includes all of Blocks Only. These resource libraries are part of InstantOn Survey and Jump Kit upgrades from InstantOn Basic.

Get Release 6 for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 Today