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Could the Management of your customizations of AutoCAD Civil 3D be made any easier? You bet.
We work at improving that process and the tools behind all the time.
We do have a certain demonstrable skill set in these arcane Civil 3D details after all.
Our Production Solution products were/are systematically engineered and built to put the personalization or customization of Civil 3D within reach of the user.
No programming required. You probably know and employ the basic tools already.

Fundamental Differences

Whether you are a new Release 6 customer or a Release 5 customer pumping out production work with our InstantOn and Jump Kit products, our new on-line documentation for the Spreadsheet Tools gets better all the time.
You can find the docs for these powerful tools in the Documentation page in our Members section.
Site registration, membership, and a login are required.

We’ve recently added the Figure Db construction spreadsheet tool docs. The FigureDb Tool is available in the new Release 6. The tools allows you to create, edit, and manage Figure Prefix Dbs outside of the Civil 3D interface. Way Cool. Faster too. No programming code required. Really.

We’ve updated the mission critical Survey Code Tool docs with a lot more detail and explanation after some requests from customers. Yes. The tool:

  • Builds a testing CSV dataset for you that allows you to test both points and figures
  • Helps you build Translator Description Key Sets to put your own code system to work faster
  • Real integrated Code Management for AutoCAD Civil 3D

The Survey Code Tool is included in all InstantOn Survey and Jump Kit Release 5 products and in the new Release 6.

Here an updated list of documented Spreadsheet Tools built into the Production Solution products

  • Layer Standards Tool – change the Layer System based on any Key scheme
    Have you seen the new City Standards for AutoCAD Civil 3D?
    Our Open Civilized Keys are available here for download.
  • Description Key Set Tools – tweak the supplied Description Keys with ease
  • Survey Code Tool – Update and change the integrated coding system
    The tool even includes things like automatic creation of stock Civil 3D subassembly point code abbreviations for corridor point output.
    Faster and more consistent corridor documentation and lots more.
    (see above)
  • Figure Db Tool – Create, Edit and managed figure prefixes outside of Civil 3D
    (see above)
  • Symbols Maintenance Tool
    Manage the in-depth Symbol Set library for AutoCAD Civil 3D

The Goal

Make your AutoCAD Civil 3D life easier and more productive.

Availability of the spreadsheet tools is subject to their inclusion in your purchased product.
Templates Only does not include any of the spreadsheet tools.