AutoCAD 2016 HotFix 2 Released

Tags Civil 3D 2016, hotfix

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Autodesk released AutoCAD 2016 Hotfix 2 this week.

We Are Not Alone

This AutoCAD Hotfix that definitively applies to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 fixes:

  • " some issues with DWG files that include images" and
  • "some DGN Export issues"

These days I usually post these nasty informational but IMPORTANT details on the News page.

These particular errors however truly annoyed me.

Maybe someone out there saw my Better Civil 3D Deliverables post and video.
But I doubt it.

The AutoCAD 2016 Hotfix 2 has not yet appeared in the Autodesk Application Manager.
These things usually take a couple of days to float around in the clouds.

Hotfix 2 floated up to the Autodesk Application Manager late on post day.

The Search for Intelligent Life continues...