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AutoCAD Civil 3D alignments play a central role in the production of better deliverables in less time and with less effort. We have to think about alignments differently in Civil 3D. Autodesk certainly did.

I call the overall concept - Intelligent Publish on Demand or iPOD. The pivotal productivity role for alignments is true whether those be the more traditional civil engineering or survey plan set publications or editable digital deliverables in Civil 3D, ACAD, or something else BIM, GIS, or old school CAD needed in a government agency.

We must know all about that. Do we?
The execution is central to our competitive advantage or lack thereof.

More Than Plan Production Tools

Civil 3D is Dynamic Model based on a project that we must structure. It is clearly apparent that we have to build deliverable publication into how we systematically approach project-based, production work in Civil 3D from the get go. We have to work at this new iPOD and keep getting better at the process too. More people with better Civil 3D skills means this is possible.

We talked about those Managed Deliverables in the previous video. The result - we must recognize there’s more to any alignment than we once believed. You can read the study series on Civil 3d Alignments here. In our Members section there’s lots more. Register here.

Alignment Matters

What does our quest for better and faster deliverables have to say about alignments? You will find this Civil 3D training video on alignment matters pretty instructive.

In the Civil 3D instruction video we employ the Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Style tools and in-depth Civil 3D resources available in the Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015. Those resources even include the training dataset used in the videos.

The new Production Solution Release 6 for AutoCAD Civil 3D includes new built-in City Standards and all the resources anyone needs to make Civil 3D work in multiple releases of Civil 3D. Release 6 is…

The Higher Standard to Build On

The Alignment Management posts: a study guide to Read and Test in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Civil 3D Alignment | Civil 3D Alignment Types | An Alignment in Civil 3D | Baseline Civil 3D Alignments | The Alignment End View in Civil 3D | Annotative Profiles in Civil 3D | Civil 3D Horizontal Control | Alignment Based Point Groups

Alignment Video posts: (see the Deliverables course in the Members section)

Civil 3D Alignment Matters - An Overview | Civil 3D Best Fits are Fast and Better | Civil 3D Best Fit Segment Tools