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Our search for better and more intelligent deliverables from Civil 3D requires that we thoroughly understand more than a few important Civil 3D Features. Intelligent Publish on Demand demands that we possess the Civil 3D skills to employ the Features and tools in innovative ways. These two things can be mutually exclusive.
To know is not necessarily the same as to do.
We know what an alignment is in AutoCAD Civil 3D is?
Does this mean we can bend the beast to our whim and will?

Civil 3D Has a Will of Her Own

There are Civil 3D Best Fit tools scattered all around the interface. Some users struggle with these tools at times. Some folk may avoid them. Oh. Yeah. You can certainly send AutoCAD Civil 3D out to lunch with them. Maybe we can fix that. Civil 3D - She is what she eats.

Some Best Fit tools you can even use together with each other to cut down your project man-hours significantly. Now that could be a good thing to know and do? Perhaps these are advanced Civil 3D tricks? Seems to me they are mission critical. Deliverables matter.

Our AutoCAD Civil 3D Production Solution products provide meaningful Civil 3D template and Civil 3D Style support along the way. The right, affordable Civil 3D resources do help make all the difference.

In this next video in our Better Deliverables in Civil 3D video series, we’ll explore how to employ Best Fit tools to get to a better and systematically-constructed, publication alignment faster from a couple of real world survey data collection examples. We ask and answer the famous question,

Is it Faster to Edit Than to Create?

Yup. It’s a trick question. Sure. By now you know that I do that all the time in this Civil 3D blog.

True. We could talk about the mathematical details of regression-based, least squares methodologies, but from the video you can follow that the practical, Keep It Simple approach is useful too.

This video training segment deserves this follow up. At times we have to take things apart to make them better. Coming attractions:

A Best Fit MiniMe in Civil 3D

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The Alignment Management posts: a study guide to Read and Test in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

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