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The month’s CadPilot Member’s AutoCAD Civil 3D Help and Training updates are a big deal.
Ok. Not so big a deal as the uproar over the free upgrade to Windows 10 that Autodesk does not YET officially support. Are they kidding? The operating system event comes as a surprise?
Isn’t Autodesk bringing 3D printing to our kids in conjunction with Windows 10?
If you have kids, I bet you know the turtle song.

“Have patience. Have patience. Don’t be in such a hurry…”

OK. I’m a jack rabbit. Anywho. People call me up and ask. Engage.

Windows 10 and AutoCAD Civil 3D

One way or another I’ve managed to make AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014+ to run in Windows 10 (done intentionally via the Windows 10 drip upgrade) on some truly ancient testing hardware. Do a very thorough pre-upgrade setup up. You might get lucky.
At this point…IF you’re a bit of a geek who likes to tweak it can be done. The fact is Autodesk applications are almost operating systems of their own. All their many built in “friendly hooks” can have issues, but may not. On first blush it seems to me there may be operating performance tweaks that should get redone.

Oh. Bother.

Speaking of Honey Pots

We all need better ways to get work out the door. Here’s the new free Civil 3D training and help available to site Members. Now available;

  • An in-depth Site Publication video course with course outlines
  • Updates in the AutoCAD in Civil 3D customization section
  • Updates and Additions to many of the Civil 3D help sections
  • New Latest Videos and Latest Help pages
    Members can find the newest goodies
  • New RSS Feeds for the Latest Videos and Latest Help - these links require a Member's Login
  • Better Digital Deliverables
    The Civil 3D training videos from the on-going
     Plan and Profile and Pages of Sections course -
     Better Deliverables in Civil 3D are now available.

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