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People ask,
If AutoCAD Civil 3D is so dynamic, why isn’t there a way to connect Alignments to Points?
Good question.

One pat answer is:
“Alignments have so many kinds of useful Alignment label styles we really don’t need that sort of formal relationship.”
If it’s all about the documentation and annotative problem for Alignments, then that is perhaps a valid answer. We don’t exactly mean that. Do we? This answer implies that an Alignment based label at a “point” on an object (perhaps a Corridor alignment or Feature line) is the same thing as a COGO or Survey point. It clearly isn’t. The answer dodges our need or desire for a formal and interactive relationships between the two Civil 3D Features (objects). Autodesk must say,

“We Didn’t Do That”

Why? You’d have to ask the Autodesk Civil 3D development team. I believe the issue has to do with how we as users think about “points” and how the programmers choose to think about them. These are two (really more than two) different concepts indeed. The change from old school CAD to model-based makes ripples.
No matter what we still have work to get out the door today.

Use Your Civil 3D Tools and Skills

With a little new knowledge and skill we can create manually maintained relationships between Civil 3D points and any Alignment.
Earlier, I posted about Alignment Based Point Groups. These are a key part of iPOD for Civil 3D:

Intelligent Publish On Demand

Alignment Based Point Groups get the job done. They can greatly improve our ability to decrease Civil 3D project plan production man-hours by automating the annotative labeling for both survey and design. They give us more annotative flexibility with less effort too.

More Civil 3D from Less is Nice

Our Civil 3D Production Solution products help you work smarter – not harder.
You can call our products the AutoCAD Civil 3D US Country Kit. We call our Civil 3D customization engine- Jump Kit. We support AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and many more Civil 3D releases in more depth and detail than you can imagine.

The above mentioned post details in writing the mechanics and Point Group logic involved to accomplish this.
At some point maybe Autodesk will decide to automate the process in a Toolbox tool.
Easy enough for them to do. I hope they do.
No need to hold your breath. There’s no reason to wait for code. Seize that data.

Carpe Datum

Our video quest for Better Deliverables in Civil 3D continuers. Here’s the latest Civil 3D training video that covers all the report generation details, conversion processes, and even the core Point Group logic to create:

Alignment Based Point Groups

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