Civil 3D Surface Creation Basic

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We know everything about the mechanics of Surface creation in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Don’t we?

Civil 3D works. Toss in the Points. Pump in the Breaklines. Manufacture a Boundary. Create the Data Shortcut and we’re good to go. You know. It’s the same old Cha Cha Cha.

“Bob? Did you just make us more work?”

A customer asked if I had an end to end walk-through video of the “whole Surface build deal”. Sure. There are good ones in the Video Training section on the site. But as he pointed out, these tend to focus on newer AutoCAD Civil 3D features or tools like Survey Queries and Figure Edits and perhaps make it easy to miss the forest in the tress. Ok. Back to basic works for me.
If the old pro’s like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady do it, why don’t we?

Happy to Help

The Civil 3D training here is all based on our infamous Production Solution dataset. You can even follow along. All our InstantOn products include that. Our products are affordable to all. All the training resources are included. They are well documented. Did I say, “complete and detailed Civil 3D productivity tools”? Imagine that.

“Dave? Do our AutoCAD Civil 3D templates do all that?”

This training video covers the Surface build process and the fundamentals of the Civil 3D Surface Buckets in pretty exhaustive detail. Huh? What the heck is a Bucket in AutoCAD Civil 3D?

What are the three Most Important Parts of the Surface Bucket in Civil 3D?

Heck. The training video even covers some esoteric but very useful tricks like:

  • How to employ an AutoCAD Map query to add data to a surface. You can do that?
    Heck yeaaaah. People send you their crap all the time, don’t they? Who needs that?
  • Helpful tips for Weeding and Supplementing your surface data to produce even better surfaces too.
  • The best simple Surface QA habits? It’s a done deal.

In AutoCAD Civil 3D there is more. The folks tell me this video is helpful. Think of this offering as:

Everything about Civil 3D surfaces that you probably didn’t know to ask.

AutoCAD Civil 3D Surfaces in an Hour

This recording is done in release 12. Does that matter? Hmmmm?
The Survey Query, Figure Edits, and Surface updates for even better performance and quality control in less time are available on the public Video Training page. Ah. I already said that.
There are many more Hot Tips for Surface construction in those too.
There is nothing contradictory or wrong about the video content. On review, the video even recalled for me some important Civil 3D Surface things I forgot. Expert’s disease.
I guess Peyton and Tom are right.

Members on the cadpilot site get free access to even more in-depth AutoCAD Civil 3D video training, documentation, and Help.

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