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A point is a point is a point. Along came Civil 3D and turned all this simple stuff on its head. The idea was to make the whole point symbols and label thing more useful, less time consuming, and much more flexible. Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

It’s fair to say that most people said, You’ve got to be kidding.

Annotative Madness

Did it work? On a practical level by now somehow you managed to tweak the past into the Civil 3D world. Odds are now that you’ve beaten the beast into submission you probably never want to mess with it again. If this is how you feel, that’s quite common. But the viewpoint misses the improved productivity point entirely. More is possible.

Have you managed to cut more man-hours out of the process lately? If you did, you have a more managed and systematic approach to the problem. Congrats.
If not, you are treading water. No wonder you get tired.

Release 6 Can Help

We’ve been showing off some of new productive improvements from Release 6 in our Better Deliverables for Plan and Profile production training videos for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

From Survey Code to Survey Db to Description Key Sets to representations in publication drawings requires that we have a managed and integrated system. The need for a managed plan is the rule in AutoCAD Civil 3D. It’s how all model-based tools work.
Ok. It is possible to have one way to do this. Can the way get better? What if things change and you need another way?

We supply easy to use tools (and we mean all the tools) to build and manage your handling of AutoCAD Civil 3D points in a managed system. The Production Solutions for AutoCAD Civil 3D supply deep survey and design ready collections of:

  • Survey Codes and easy ways to customize those Codes
    Even design translation codes for corridor design point output
  • Description Key Sets and integrated Survey Figure Dbs
    Even versions with differing Format values to optimize quality control and publication functionality
    You get tools to allow you to tweak these too.
  • Symbols for everything with easy to customize variations
  • Point styles both by Object and by View
  • Point label styles galore
  • Spreadsheet tools to help you keep the whole plan and process together

You might say that we deliver the…

Symbol of Sanity for AutoCAD Civil 3D