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This blog and website takes on the tough production topics in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Far as I can tell it’s really one of the only Civil 3D blogs that does on a regular basis these days. Thanks to my readers. Follow me on Twitter to get all the posts.
Ok. Yes. Others bloggers like civil3dreminders do nifty programming things in Civil 3D I don’t do.
Sorry. I don’t do simple Civil 3D how to’s all that often in this blog either. I believe a video is worth thousands of words. That kind of Civil 3D help is in our big library of Civil 3D training and support videos. Register. Look there.

We Deliver You a Profitable and Productive New Year

Our mid-year builds of Release 6 Production Solution products are available. These will save our customers more money every day for each and every AutoCAD Civil 3D user they employ.
This amounts to an unbelievable Civil 3D ROI (return on investment) and an on-going Civil 3D TCO (total cost of ownership) that are simply ridiculous. No matter how you measure real world productivity on an annualized basis, we promise big bucks. Our customers will certainly easily pay for their Autodesk Subscription and much more.

“Dave? Do our Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D styles do that?”

If your organization has customized Civil 3D templates and style library, we can easily prove to you that you’re probably still wasting time and money every day because you don’t employ our managed, integrated, and complete products for AutoCAD Civil 3D. Our better products for Civil 3D can suck up your customizations and make them work even better. Call us or do the upgrade yourself. We make it possible.

What you will have to change or adapt to will be a significant change for the better.

Managed Product Makes the Difference

Integrated Product Delivers Better Performance

We all don’t believe this can be true. We all believe in some ways the world is flat. We believe in the Civil 3D world we experience around us. This is always the negative effect of the Human Gravity.
Put another way - Our personal experience tends to suck.
We all suffer from this all too common and most human result.

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

My statements aren’t arrogant. I know they might sound that way. Is “Trump-like” a new adjective?
The Trump It clearly knows how to make sound.

The facts are quite the opposite. It’s a question of focus.

I have a different experience than many others in Civil 3D land.
I’m humbled by the effort and complexity of the Civil 3D world around me.
I have lots of experience with many people’s unique versions and visions of Civil 3D.
This includes the big boys, mid-sized firms, and the one man folks doing all kinds of work all over the country. Can I say, “the world”?
Trust me. I consider this work an on-going privilege.

Our Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D reflect this richness, long-term commitment, and depth of real world experience. I also recognize that can be hard to see from the outside looking in. Templates Only can help.
What you can see can also be overwhelming too.
This website and blog include a lot of information. WTMI. Civil 3D can be complicated.
Our Members section provides better AutoCAD Civil 3D help.
Simply, we make AutoCAD Civil 3D work and work better.

We Do What We Can See

“Civil 3D can do that?”

How often do I hear that? How many people do you think have sent me their drawing and template examples over the years to potentially tweak into our products? Whatever you guessed. You’d be wrong. I actively work to find innovative ways to make Civil 3D work better.
Almost every time when it comes to the brass tacks of customization the customer agrees that much of what we do is better than what they do now.
“No way.” Yes way.

True. Everyone has a few things they have specific concerns about. Some, if not many, of these issues, make our products better for everyone else. That’s the deal.

Competitive Advantage Comes from Our Ability to Do.

I do have to pick and choose. I simply get a lot more choices and alternatives than most folks. This adds up.

Recent Additions and Updates:

  • We updated the Open Standards for Civil 3D
    • New Production Standards documentation
      Style naming conventions for AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • New Symbol Set Documentation
  • Added significant depth to the Symbol Set and the maintenance tool
    See the downloadable Symbol Set Documentation for what’s in there
  • Added a new spreadsheet customization tool - Subassemblies Code Set Tool
    Detailed documentation of the stock Civil 3D subassembly codes and Code Set Style output
  • Added Updates to Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool instruction and documentation
  • Major Updates to the Survey Code Tool instruction and documentation
  • Added Updates to all the other Spreadsheet Tools help files for Civil 3D customization
  • Added a bunch of new docs to the Members section’s Documentation and Help for Civil 3D
    • There are latest links up there to help you locate the updates and the new ones.
  • Rebuilt all the Release 6 Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 on the latest Service Packs and Hot Fixes available
  • See all the latest Release 6 Details and Changes

Now there's a to do list for a busy month. If you become a Member lots of these goodies and more become available to you.

OK. I repeat myself sometimes when it matters.

The Better Accumulates Over Time

If we are willing to walk away from the past…