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Someone calls me up the other day with AutoCAD Civil 3D Pipes questions. Mike asks if our Production Solutions products will solve his specific storm drain Pipes labeling problem for his local municipal jurisdiction. That happens to be a major US metro that’s currently under water – literally under water. I’m not laughing at Mike. I’m laughing with him.

“The City of Noah is really picky about what they accept and approve.”

The city center is constructed on high ground of course. They are open for business it appears.

The High Ground

“All I can say is that no one who ever purchased one of our products has ever complained that they couldn’t get what they needed annotated done.
Mike, even our Templates Only sample product has more Profile and Section View Styles than you might ever need.
If AutoCAD Civil 3D produces the data, we provide Label Styles that label it. We provide choices.
Most people get Jump Kit after a bit so they get more robust flexibility and can maintain that easily.”

Mike trots off and buys a Templates Only.
After a couple of back and forths about the vagaries of Civil 3D Pipe component representations
Mike is kind enough to email me back.

“You solved my problem and saved me months of work. Thank you.”

Ah, that ephemeral glow of instant gratification.
There’s a reason we name our fundamental production packages InstantOn.
A great product should do that.

Our Production Solution products do more than save you from your current Civil 3D crisis. They put our customers on the road to recovery. Take real steps to AutoCAD Civil 3D production capability.

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