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Our Production Solution InstantOn products include our fabulous Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool. We allow our customers to employ Microsoft Excel (a tool you already know) and a little bit of easy to learn basic AutoCAD skill to produce just about any standardized Layer scheme for their AutoCAD Civil 3D. Yes. It the tool works for AutoCAD Map3D and even raw AutoCAD implementations too.

“You’ve got to be kidding?”

Trust me. If you can follow directions, read a spreadsheet, copy cells, use a text editor, and open AutoCAD you can do this.

It’s Simply Remarkable

Here’s what we say about the Layer Tool in our on-line help that you can freely check out if you’re a site Member. The commented quote below is from the brief summary in the help file.

The Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool allows the AutoCAD Layer scheme employed behind the supplied Civil 3D Styles and Sets to be modified with little effort.

  • Technically this tool can be employed to translate any existing Layer configuration into any other so long as both employ some version of standard Keys.
    Download our Open Standard Civil Keys.
    Yes. We’ve make these compliant Keys available in the public domain.

    The spreadsheet tool even includes built-in automatic Key translation.
    You bet. You can change the standards pattern too.
  • The resultant script code will also allow you to generate AutoCAD Standards and Layer States for the new Layer standard customization.
    Yep. The mission critical Layer maintenance tools are what this tool is all about.

We are being pretty matter of fact and downright euphemistic here.

This is a bit like telling you that AutoCAD Civil 3D is just plain old AutoCAD with some civil engineering and a few survey tools thrown in.

The Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool:

  • Allows you to rename one Layer scheme to another new one and track the changes
    Yes. This works to update any existing Civil 3D Styles that reference any of the Layers.
  • Automatically produces all the AutoCAD Layer Properties for your named layers with built in logic – Yes. It deals with and helps identify exceptions. OMG!
    • If the tool can do that, it will allow you to theme your Civil 3D any way you like
      It is possible to be an engineer, be good looking, and to be stylish too.
    • If the tool does that, it will allow you to publish to any client’s layer scheme almost as an afterthought. OMG!
  • Builds AutoCAD Standards (.dws) files for your Civil 3D users to employ the AutoCAD Standards Checker to validate and automatically correct your templates, project drawings, etc.
    Yes. This works to update any Civil 3D Styles that reference any of this Layer detail.
    Yes. This works to do project maintenance and upgrades too. OMG!
  • Produces multiple Layer States files to aid in more productive design, quality control, and, of course, the final Publication on Demand of your deliverables
    No brainer, easy to use tools for every Civil 3D user.
  • Automatically constructs the Layer description documentation from the employed Keys
    Self documentation improves meaning consistency and saves you time.

Dave? Can our Civil 3D templates do that?

Of course they can. That’s what we do.

Innovation Beyond the Code

Alone our Production Solution Spreadsheet Tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D are worth every penny you pay for our most expensive product. Civil 3D consultants and experts get it. Smart folks love to save time and effort.

Jump Kit includes all the powerful Spreadsheet Tools because a world class AutoCAD Civil 3D customization engine should. We do managed and integrated…

Affordable Civil 3D Solutions

Did I forget mention this?
In Jump Kit you also get the productive InstantOn Survey for AutoCAD Civil 3D that actually works out of the box too.


Layer Standards and layer customization is all about Keys, Patterns, and People you might want to bone up about that before you dive into custom Layers. There are important things to consider.
Oh. Yucky poo.