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Great products actually get better and save you more time and effort. They can produce new unexpected, and even more useful results and opportunities. Our AddOn updates to the Production Solution products make a difference.

Our infamous Legends and Lists AddOn for many releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D continues to be one of our most popular set of resources and tools. Legends and Lists allows you to build graphic symbol legends, typical abbreviation lists, and other table-based plan set documentation with Civil 3D data from Civil 3D tools you already own and our innovative Civil 3D Styles and processes. Want Symbol legends? Want Details and Notes tables? Want Revisions list? Need Keynoting? You can read about Legends and Lists here, read the documentation, and see how it works. Watch the video and learn how to do it yourself.

Our Spreadsheet Tools for Civil 3D raise the bar even further. What they do for customization of AutoCAD Layers is awesome. We release AddOns for the Spreadsheet Tools too.

Survey Codes AddOn for AutoCAD Civil 3D

This month a new Survey Code AddOn is available on the appropriate product download pages on the website to our Release 6 Jump Kit and InstantOn Survey customers in both AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016.

This Survey Code AddOn adds new standardized traffic control and street lighting Survey Codes for the collection and design automation of intersection traffic control diagrams and municipal street lighting infrastructure in AutoCAD Civil 3D. The AddOn supports the recent functional additions and updates to the recent Symbol Set update available for Jump Kit and InstantOn Survey for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

This Survey Code AddOn is an update to the existing version of the powerful Survey Code Spreadsheet Tool. The Survey Code Spreadsheet Tool enables Civil 3D users to externally manage and customize Survey Codes, Description Keys, and Figure PrefixDb relationships in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

“What does that really mean?”

Power Points

See InstantOn Survey. Review the Overview videos to see our resources for AutoCAD Civil 3D work proactivity together. This post covers how things work together. Not enough? Register and view Civil 3D training that shows you how the InstantOn tools work with real world data. Check out the Civil 3D courseware.

Ok. We supply a simple classified database of thousands of ready to use field-tested Survey Codes with multiple Format descriptions in the Survey Code Spreadsheet Tool. We even allow you to put in your own codes (and/or the codes of others) and generate special “translator” Description Key Sets. We make the matching process easy. We let you test it and build test datasets that work in Civil 3D for you. OMG!
The Survey Code Spreadsheet Tool works.
That gets you the amazing capability to quickly, easily, and consistently translate one Survey Code system to another.

Our customers employ the Survey Code Spreadsheet Tool and the other Spreadsheet Tools for Civil 3D to create, edit, and manage the properties for Description Keys and keep those Sets consistently integrated with Figure PrefixDb and Point Groups. What? Is that WTMI?

Ok. We make Civil 3D production user easier than that. We already supply an entire managed and integrated library of Description Key Sets, Figure PrefixDbs, even varieties of Point Groups built with the Spreadsheet Tools in InstantOn Survey.

It is Easier to Edit than Create

Our Survey Codes and those results include innovative and time saving built-in field gathering optimization tools, quality control management, and the list of production goodies goes on and on. Become a Member and check out the on-line documentation for all the Civil 3D Spreadsheet Tools.

“Dave? Do our Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles do that?”

They can. No basic “field to finish” partial and/or shoddy one-off customizations here.
We built the only AutoCAD Civil 3D customization engine in the world.
We do better than that.

Get Field to Finished

When we say InstantOn we mean quick, clean, and consistent results without hours of set up time or even having to change everything you do now before you get to work. InstantOn allows you to get better AutoCAD Civil 3D production work without hassle and confusion.

Get the Survey Codes AddOn

Release 6 Jump Kit and Release 6 InstantOn Survey customers may now download this latest release. This latest Survey Code Spreadsheet Tool supports the Jump Kit and InstantOn Survey products for both AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016.

See the
Members>>Documentation and Help>>Spreadsheet Tools section of the website
for additional Survey Codes Spreadsheet Tool help and download package location of the tool.

Current Release 5 Jump Kit and Release 5 InstantOn Survey customers in the other Release 5 supported AutoCAD Civil 3D releases may also request a copy of the latest Survey Codes Spreadsheet Tool by sending an email to