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I hope you caught the recent planetary news out of Caltech that our solar system may indeed have a new ninth planet. Mike Brown, who led the crusade to change Pluto’s formal classification to a dwarf planet from a planet, and his research partner, Konstantin Batygin, have a new theoretical orbital model that calculates there is indeed another planet out there beyond Pluto. Way out there. Way cool. This ain’t no dwarf.

Call it Planet Nine or PlanetX

Now we may have a somewhat smaller and more discrete patch of the Great Black to search for what disturbs things.

"Smaller? What you mean... smaller?"

People may to looking for a long time. They may do it quick. Good Luck. If astronomers find and twice snap a pic, they get to name the planet.

“Honey? Would you mind a vacation to Hawaii this year?
No, Dear. I have to dress warm. I’ll be working - driving the Subaru. Ha ha!”

Real Integrated Civil 3D Productivity

Ok. The search for planets and/or dead brown dwarf stars doesn’t float your boat.
I know your daily productivity in AutoCAD Civil 3D probably hits closer to home.

We do something about that.

We don’t have to search in the endless dark along theoretical paths to build better Civil 3D Dynamic Models or to publish them as real deliverables.

This isn’t the undiscovered country. We even named it.
We even show our site Members for free in Civil 3D training videos how to do it in detail and in practice.

How about reducing Plan set Label madness? Learn a thing or two…

“Dave? Can our Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles do that?

Dave. Stop watching those web videos and answer me. We have a project to get out.”

Publish on Demand Disturbs Orbits

Is it time to format, retool, and get to work more productively? Read the post.

Back in the day we birthed the innovative the idea of managed and integrated resources for AutoCAD Civil 3D.
We make the US Country Kit for AutoCAD Civil 3D real.
We make the Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D better and better.
The products work and upgrade in multiple releases of Civil 3D. We make all the details easy to customize too.

“No Way.”

Oh Yes. Our supplied Survey Codes, raft of Description Keys Sets, powerful Point Groups all make our InstantOn and Jump Kit customers more productive and more capable right now.

Discover Do and Be Amazing - Get Jump Kit

Lost in the dark? Register, Login, and gain access to in-depth and free production Civil 3D training videos, better Description Key Set maintenance tools and techniques. See our Spreadsheet Tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D.