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“What do I need to know about Alignments in AutoCAD Civil 3D?”

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”

“Whoa. How about the short version?”

Thus is created The Civil 3D Book of Alignments.
Sorry. Yes, the title has to be plural. To make Alignments singular would be puerile and tangential.
The singular would contradict AutoCAD Civil 3D’s fundamental collective concepts and the very nature of the Design Control Manager for Civil 3D – the Alignment itself. Singularity would also neglect the character of the work itself which is compound by both necessity and purpose.

The Civil 3D Book of Alignments

Maybe I could call it First Alignments as it remains a work in progress and continuous development. But that might imply The Book of Alignments is about Civil 3D basics and not about intermediate and advanced topics for both civil engineers and surveyors who employ AutoCAD Civil 3D. Of course, the Alignment basics are in there as the effort is a managed and dynamic process – stone upon stone. That I think is appropriate for Civil 3D users of all skill levels.

As spring training opens again and perhaps an AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 approaches…

I must ask,

“Is the Civil 3D challenge training or retraining?”

In any case here’s the listed chapter and verse of The Civil 3D Book of Alignments:

The Alignment Management posts: a study guide to Read and Test in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Civil 3D Alignment | Civil 3D Alignment Types | An Alignment in Civil 3D | Baseline Civil 3D Alignments | The Alignment End View in Civil 3D | Annotative Profiles in Civil 3D | Civil 3D Horizontal Control | Alignment Based Point Groups

That's only a partial listing of course.

For those of you who prefer a video to verbosity this summary from Deliverables is pretty good. The folks tell me it’s instructive too.

"Dave? Can our Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles do that?"

People do like the Annotative Alignments twists shown in there.

“The Lord knows, I wish that video had been around ages and ages ago.”

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