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People have been bugging me for quite a while to collect recorded Civil 3D training gems. Yes. There’s already one of the largest collections of free Civil 3D video training available here. No one does everything. No one knows everything either. There’s never enough time. Frankly, I get tired of talking to the wall too. Surprise. I, like you, must also study a bit all the time.

Learn and Burn

Lately it also appears that Autodesk is putting the petal to the metal and upgrading the number of published training videos. Ok. Let’s start there…

Easy to Miss in WTMI

This week we added Civil Training on the Web pages to the Video Training section of the site. Over time this collection will get bigger and better. Yes. You can even let us know if you’ve found some goodies of you own. Guys and gals, I hope you’re happy.

Here’s couple of Civil Training gems you probably missed. There are more where these came from. Both of these happen to be YouTube lists – each is a series.

“You got to Chunkifize”

Apologies to Tower of Power for corrupting the lyrics of You Got to Funkifize. It just made sense at the time. This recording is recent (2 years ago) from BB King’s club in NY. Not bad for white boys from Oakland. What?

AutoCAD Civil 3D

Civil 3D Advanced Intersection Modeling


A video from a post from the Autodesk Transportation blog by Jeff Bartels.

Infraworks 360

I do hope you are paying attention to the Autodesk Infraworks 360 effort.

The Land Development Series

Hosted by John Sayre

Workflows to put Infraworks 360 to work in your current Design project

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