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Back on January 19, 2016 announced an enhanced schema for the latest draft of LandXML 2.0. If you pay attention to the listed details below from the LandXML front page (see below), you’ll notice a lots of things that might be applicable to Infraworks 360, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and Navisworks. In essence it means better data interoperability for LandXML data. Whether or not Autodesk choses to implement support for some of the new parts in the recent draft (which they did not champion) is the question.

Autodesk does not appear to be an active supporter of the advancement of LandXML these days. I doubt we can expect full LandXML 2.0 in the next major Autodesk release this spring. Yes, it’s almost that time again. Perhaps AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 will only include read support for the previously supported XML features for 2.0. This is true for the current release.

Autodesk is most certainly focused on internal interoperability between Infrastructure Design Suite products and their file formats. I suspect the potential for LandXML 2.0 support is already in the latest build of IW360 (but not officially) considering some of the new IW360 goodies.

Look carefully at this list. You’ll see important interop features with potential benefits.
OK. I understand DXF encoded graphic symbols. Come on folks that’s so ‘80s. We could agree to do better than that.
I’ve already said recently the core AutoCAD block graphic and AutoCAD linetype technologies are in need of a serious 21st century updates too. Just saying…


New LandXML-2.0 samples files are now available on the samples page. (see below to make this visible)

The following changes have been posted to the proposed LandXML 2.0 schema:

  • Added multi-color and multi-texture support for Surfaces
  • All required texture images are embedded in LandXML file for maximum portability
  • Added embedded 2D/3D symbols for CgPoints as encoded DXF
  • Added a MaterialTable with display and materials attributes for any
    CoordGeom, CGPoints, cross sections and surface faces elements.
    This works for any elements derived from <CoordGeom> and <Point3D>.
  • Added a road design cross section template table.
  • Added Pond definition to PipeNetworks → Struct element.
  • Added Channel definition type to PipeNetworks → Pipe element.
  • Adoption of XML digital signature for signing and sealing LandXML instance content.
    (see below)

LandXML 2.0 Highlights

Update LandXML 2.0 schema to use current W3C standards

  • Support Signing and sealing
  • Incorporate 3D Road model improvements from worldwide input
  • Add flexible road cross section design template definitions.
  • Add SCS and Rational runoff associated with surface boundaries.
  • Enhance
    • Sanitary sewer pipes, structures and networks additions.
    • Storm water open system culverts, ditches, ponds and
      allow combined closed/open networks.
    • Add Material Table for element appearance
    • Add Color and textures to surfaces.
    • Add 2D/3D Symbol support for cogo points and polyline vertices.

LandXML 2.0 (Working Draft) Schema Announced

The LandXML 2.0 (Working Draft) Schema and 2.0 HTML (Working Draft) documentation are now available on the LandXML Schema Versions & Specifications page.

Work is underway on the LandXML 2.0 schema plan. The following major objectives are planned and, as always, all feedback is very welcome:

  • Update LandXML 2.0 schema based on current standards:
    XML 1.1, XML Schema 1.1, XML Namspaces 1.1 and xpath 2.0
  • Engage OGC and TransXML to improve adjacent standards interoperability for GIS
    and business process data flow
  • Incorporate 3D Road model improvements from worldwide input
  • Enhance 3D/volumetric parcel support
  • Enhance data model to better suite intelligent construction data flow
  • Add flexible road template definitions
  • Define a mimetype for compressed (zipped) LandXML files
  • Other additions/changes as needed

Other Recent LandXML News

FDOT (Florida DOT) also contributed a free signing tool using digital certificates for the LandXML format.
You can download that in a zip file here.

  • The tool gives you a way to certify a surface, parcel map, or survey digital deliverable output from AutoCAD Civil 3D.

On March 4, 2016 - Carlson Software released a new build of the Free 3D LandXML Viewer and a LandXML 2.0 Upgrade Tool.
It should be said that Carlson Software is the current major development supporter of LandXML 2.0.

geoJASON and LandXML

I have to ask, “Has LandXML died? Will it be replaced by geoJASON or something else?”
I’d say, “Yes and No.”
In Civil 3D land, we’ll remain dependent on LandXML until we aren’t.

More about geoJASON and the ongoing geo Cloud Wars later.
Will this affect civil engineers and surveyors? You betcha. The technology already does.

Where did you go to assess and plan your next project?

Time to get to work…

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