Civil 3D Bunk Hogwash and Claptrap

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Autodesk’s own documentation for Civil 3D says civil engineers and survey professionals can customize their AutoCAD Civil 3D software to meet their needs. Hundreds of pages of on-line documentation tell you how to do this. Raise your hand if you’ve read them all. Anyone else?

Do a double take. That actually means all AutoCAD Civil 3D users must customize AutoCAD Civil 3D to do any productive work. Civil 3D users have to learn both how to use the software and how to customize it at the same time to do real project work. Does that even make sense?

Bunk Hogwash and Claptrap

Someone reading this post over my shoulder thinks the title of this post sounds like a great name for a country western band doing front work for a new version of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
Who else thinks this is funny? Anyone?

Maybe you believe you can vote yourself a free lunch, world peace, freedom from debt, a sustainable climate, and personal security too?
Out on the road in civil engineering and survey project land – maybe not.

“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!
You gotta see the show
It's a dynamo
You gotta see the show
It's rock and roll”

 - Emersion Lake and Palmer

Keith Emersion, who killed himself this week at 71, first performed this famous ELP song while playing a rotating and tumbling grand piano suspended above the stage to open shows. A hard act to follow. RIP.

Git ‘er Done

We believe no AutoCAD Civil 3D customer should have to spend thousands of dollars more to make Autodesk’s expensive and powerful software product work in production.

Autodesk customization enablement actually means Autodesk built parts of the Civil 3D interface to do your customization one picky little detail at a time from their rather sad example templates and styles.

Customization, Maintenance, Standards, and some much needed forms of Civil 3D User Productivity are and remain a product development after thought.
Autodesk isn’t responsible for your customizations after all. They never promise that.

No Apology - It’s Broken

Yes. Even the Civil 3D Style Tools are still sadly broken and incomplete. Autodesk doesn’t tell you that or even what’s broken. Do they? Do they know? If it doesn’t crash Civil 3D, does it get fixed?

Don’t get me wrong. I personally employ the Style Import and Style Purge commands a lot and in inventive ways that save myself tons of time. You can too. Who knew an Alignment Grids AddOn video shows everyone that?

We get it. We’re in the same boat.

We supply written and detailed Civil 3D upgrade documentation to our customers that tells you about these issues and how to work around them in templates, styles, and even your project drawings.

What is Awesome?

  • We supply our customers with the only Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D Customization available anywhere for any price.
  • We do all that without expensive code and with software you already own and know how to use.
  • We document and show our customers and site Members how to overcome the Autodesk neglect for your real world production and customization issues.
  • Because we do that we can we produce AutoCAD Civil 3D products that make the software work out of the box do to actual civil engineering and survey projects.
  • We supply a detailed project dataset that helps make the Style Tools real for Civil 3D users.
  • We supply our Jump Kit customers all the Civil 3D resources maintenance and customization Excel Spreadsheet Tools that allow you do to that your way.
  • We provide all that at a price anyone can afford.

“Dave? Can our Civil 3D templates and styles do that?”

Our customers say they can.

“You saved me months of work and make us look great.”

Get Jump Kit and Get to Work