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In our pursuit of simple publication excellence for AutoCAD Civil 3D, we simply leave no stone unturned.
The forthcoming Release 7 will deliver better linetypes collection resources for AutoCAD Civil 3D customers.
Our Release 6 customers will not be left holding the bag.
Thank you for your on-going support for the Framework for Civil 3D.
We released a free Linetypes AddOn for AutoCAD Civil 3D. The new and updated linetype resources will work with every version and every release of our InstantOn and Jump Kit Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D. Awesome.

The Details of Better Linetypes Matter

The latest NCS 5.0 resource .LIN file includes many customer requested additional linetypes.
The most important part of the upgrade to the resources is the much improved resolution of the linetypes in finished publication production drawings.
In almost every way you get better and more consistent results.

  • The linetypes all were fine tuned to perform better at common civil engineering and survey deliverables scales and in rotated Plan views.
    We preserve NCS and GSA linetype compliance and deliver better published output.
  • Linetypes of the same type now perform and scale appropriately.
    This means even fewer LTSCALE tweaks are required.
  • Linetypes with text (a major portion of the NCS Standards) are now tuned proportionally to account for variances in character width within the NCS Windows TrueType Arial font.
  • All of the new tuned linetypes were also tested in and by conversion to Microstation DGN linestyles and maintain good fidelity after the conversions. The usual Microstation mapping rules apply.
  • The linetypes as always are self-documenting.
    All of the changes are documented in the supplied .LIN resource file itself.
    We leave no doubt about what we changed and why.

Here’s a highlight list of the Release 7 Linetype Improvement Details

Linetype Update Specifics

  • Updated linetypes also include commented out previous versions in the .lin file
  • Fine tuned all the supplied Plan aware (use U values) lettered linetypes to improve consistency of representations and output.
    See the internal comment documentation in the supplied .lin files.
  • Commented out ISO linetypes in .lin file and removed them from resource drawing(s)
  • Renamed SITE Erosion control linetypes to EROS Key
  • Renamed misnamed V-SITE-ROWL to V-PROP-ROWL
  • Adjusted all fences and related linetypes to scale appropriately.
  • Added Fence post linetypes
  • Adjusted all utilities and related linetypes to scale appropriately.
  • Adjusted miscellaneous linetypes to scale appropriately.
  • Added Construction Easement linetypes
  • Added Fiber Roll linetypes
  • Added new and visually differentiated general UTIL overhead, joint trench, and underground linetypes.
  • Added generic UTEL conduit linetypes with only bars
  • Added UTFB linetypes
  • Added line work only UTSD and UTSS linetypes per customer requests.
  • Added offset guardrail and improved standard guardrail representations.
  • All supplied linetypes tested to export to DGN and other CAD formats.
  • Updated the supplied resource drawing files with visible linetypes and typical layers for reference

Where to get the Linetypes AddOn

Release 6 customers should check their product download pages for the Linetypes AddOn download package today.

The Linetypes AddOn download zip file contains the latest update to the NCS50.LIN files and example drawing for inclusion in your Jump Kit or IOB Style Library. Yes. The example drawing includes references to every linetype in the resource file. Imagine that. You can see it before you load it. The file requires the NCS40.SHX file already included in product package downloads, but also included in the package.

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