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The malady is a silent killer of AutoCAD Civil 3D user productivity everywhere. It ignores class, size, and significance. It cares not a whit about reputation, our level of expertise, or our years of professional experience. It’s invisible and pernicious like malnutrition. We must acknowledge that Style Starvation is crisis of what’s not there. A new form of technical scurvy, Style Starvation saps our corporate and individual strength and clouds decision making at every level.

Our great ship equipped with the best and most expensive weapons available is ready to sail. The crew is willing and able, but none-the-less laid low. The captain and officers are bemused and perplexed. They must prod and proclaim,

“Look lively there. We are the best there is at this. We are technically and professionally superior in every way. To your stations. This voyage will change everything.”

That Sour Fruit

It is no surprise folks in Civil land are unhappy. It is no wonder to me that even in 2016 civil engineers and survey organizations that pay for AutoCAD Civil 3D survive and struggle to prosper while they employ Autodesk’s model-based software. You decide…

Sail the Sea or Fly Over It

The modern racing yacht has sails and is powered by the wind. It’s crewed and has a wheel and captain. It has almost nothing else in common with a competitive racing yacht of only ten years ago. In truth, the traditional yachting rules confine the state of things more than you’d ever expect.

This is after all a contest of men and machine not certainly not of machines alone. Yet somehow the high reaches of competitive sailing became a new form human-powered, managed flight.

This miracle of engineering is only possible because all the details working together matter. Style tools in AutoCAD Civil 3D are exactly like that. We get it. Overwhelming complexity must be managed skillfully and artfully. We get the tactics of mistake. We supply a veritable host of tested innovations crafted by recognized experts and built to make Civil 3D perform in a new way.

“Dave? Can our Civil 3D Styles and Templates do that?”

You can sail along or you can learn to fly. But we’re not talking about a sport for billionaires, are we?
Release 7 is coming….Ready or not…

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End AutoCAD Civil 3D Style Starvation

We have a new purchase or upgrade deal for the advent of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017.

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For a limited time get two (2) releases of the Framework for Civil 3D for the price of one.

Customers who purchase or upgrade to
Release 6 InstantOn Survey 2016 or
Release 6 Jump Kit for 2016
between Apr 15, 2016 and our Release 7 ship date
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No other product purchases, upgrades, or promotions are included in this offer.