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We’re are finishing up the final packaging, pricing, and website updates for the new Release 7 of the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D. We want our customers to know in advance what will change. That's an effort all by itself.

We simplified the products we offer based on what customers buy. InstantOn becomes a single product for both civil engineering and survey professionals. InstantOn combines InstantOn Basic and InstantOn Survey features into a single desktop production solution for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Yes. There will be price increases for Release 7. You might want to take advantage of the Release 7 Special listed on the bottom of this page.

The powerful customization and management Spreadsheet Tools built into Release 6 allowed us to construct a new engine to literally the blow the doors off multiple releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D with Release 7. We continue to support STB output but now also offer CTB output as well from a single Style library. Whoa! That’s a miracle!
That’s not even the most significant thing about the new Release 7 if you are a Civil 3D user. It’s all about real world in project productivity and better deliverables with less effort.

“What Changed?”

What didn’t?

Managed Change

Everything changed…but it didn’t - which appears almost magical because it sounds so illogical.
Innovation can be like that. A small change in perspective changes everything. Carefully crafted, and systematically managed change is what we all need to get more work done with less hassle.

Tame the Civil 3D Diva

We sweat the details so our happy customers don’t have too. They get:

  • The largest and most advanced Style Library and resources available in the world at any price
  • Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles that work and perform under pressure
  • Template and project drawing updates that actually work
  • The Framework that allows Civil 3D to be customized and maintained in a managed way

Where else in the world can you get that?
In a word, “Nowhere.”

Here’s the link to preview post about Release 7.

Here’s the link to the Release 7 Details page.
The page lists all the changes even down to listing every specific Civil 3D Style type listed in the Toolspace. Hint: the table of contents for the changes is larger than this post.

Release 7 includes…

Better Resources of Every Kind Everywhere

Maybe the Release 7 Details page is a bit of WTMI.
Our customers continue to say they are grateful for the specifics.
We do document every Style Tool inside Civil 3D as well. There’s a reason…
Does it help to know what Style Tool you are picking and what it is there for?

The Release 7 Details page does give you a good idea of the effort and detail that goes into a new Release of the Framework for Civil 3D.
If you build and maintain your own Civil 3D templates and styles, do you have the time to perform this level of work for multiple releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D?

All of our focused effort is totally meaningless unless you actually benefit from it…

Get the Framework for Civil 3D

Manage AutoCAD Civil 3D

We have a new purchase or upgrade deal for the advent of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017.

Buy or upgrade to one of our productive
Release 6 Production Solution products that run in Civil 3D 2017.

For a limited time get two (2) releases of the Framework for Civil 3D for the price of one.

Customers who purchase or upgrade to
Release 6 InstantOn Survey 2016 or
Release 6 Jump Kit for 2016
between Apr 15, 2016 and our Release 7 ship date
will automatically receive a free upgrade to
a Release 7 of their AutoCAD Civil 3D release of choice.
No other product purchases, upgrades, or promotions are included in this offer.