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I do try to pay attention to what’s happening in Civil 3D Land. Autodesk is always up to something, don’ ja know.

The fact is other folks also do some really cool stuff. Some of it is artful and simply genius.
Some of that we may sooner or later get our hands on too.
Last month I caught an FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) internal training webinar with something very interesting.
Right before Labor Day seems to me the time to post it.

A New Way to Work Smarter not Harder

Some of the things that float around could and should have been done long ago in AutoCAD Civil 3D. This is certainly one of them.

A Better Multi-line Tool in AutoCAD Civil 3D

The video is an outtake of Randy Roberts presentation in mid-July of the new FDOT Multi-line tool for their upcoming Oct 2016 release of the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit. It’s a technology preview of a coming attraction if you will.

Hear. Hear. Go FDOT.
Yes, Randy. 80%+ percent of the way there is a LOT better than the 1%.
Gee. Imagine the simple idea of employing XML files to store the complicated property setup work in libraries you can load and modify at will. We do that for Survey Figure Prefix libraries from our Excel Spreadsheet tools. Never mind. I digress.

Ghost Busters Too

Maybe the XML should remind you of Intersection Assembly Sets that Autodesk pretty much quit on way back in 2012 or was it in 2010 when they built it. An interface to design, build, and maintain the Set content never really got built. Dumb.

The cries and screams for more Types of Intersection solutions was completely lost to chasing DOTs.
Driveways, trenches, etc could be easy, but are such a pain. Dumber.
It seems fitting it comes back in this way to haunt us all.

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Shy

I say the Civil 3D Offset Alignment tool should look more like this too. Dooh. I want this one to be an Alignment, but not that one. Give me options. You get the point. Could you drive this into real point and shoot with a Layout toolbar? You betcha. Maybe you agree?
Tell Autodesk. Maybe someone will finally do something about a most needed feature after a decade(s).

Ok. Maybe Bentley might sue Autodesk for doing this…Don’t they have an interoperability agreement? Maybe that says neither party can fix anything?

Just maybe a dumb version is coming in a future Civil 3D Productivity Pack? Want to hold your breath?

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