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The end of the august month saw a new release of Autodesk River and Flood Analysis for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017. Since the southeast was underwater at the time, Autodesk was somewhat quiet about this release for obvious reasons. If there’s a break from hurricanes and tropical depressions coming ashore, we should hear more about the new River and Flood Analysis in the future I’m sure. History and song certainly make the case for more thoughtful use of  this tool.

The Autodesk River and Flood Analysis News

Follow that link above to discover the details. Watch this Autodesk marketing quicky to get the gist.

Y’all Don’ Mess with Mother Nature

The flood in Louisiana sorta makes you wonder who is being paid to prepare the FEMA flood maps.
I have personally been through major forest fires, lots of earthquakes including a couple of California “bad ones”, a brush with South Florida hurricane, and three major flood events. Does disaster follow me? Nah. It’s real-life outlaw country song fodder.

The floods were by far the worst. Once little ol’ me even got to ride a National Guard Huey out of the flood zone. Not good. The FEMA maps were ALWAYS wrong and not by a little – strangely each and every time by orders of magnitude. I’m not sure this has gotten better.

The danger of ALL statistical “science” is that the existence of Black Swans is often systematically edited out of the data behind.
Don’t know what a Black Swan is? 
No. I won't loan you a copy of this must read book. They never come back. Weird.
Think the 2008 financial crash and the publishing event that is Harry Potter.

It is Not Magical - as in Magical Thinking

“God forbid, they ever try to build a dam here. This valley is a beautiful old flood plain.
The creek is quaint and quiet even in the worst wet years.
We and our kids love living near it. It’s so peaceful.”

That year that creek became a major river that moved rocks the size of cars and small houses. It’s now a truly Penny Dreadful wasteland. The neighbors on the hill now like witches chant,

“Never ever build a dam.”

The Release 7 Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D

…provides you with the Styles and resources to help you dam it with corridor design in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Ok. Let’s try and channel it. There’s a spooky reference.
Maybe we berm it. Perhaps we levee it.
OK. Whatever you decide.
That is the whole point of better civil engineering design and the better tools to make it real.

We Can All 3D Rock a Billy to That