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There we go. We did it again. We released new Layer Standards Speadsheet Tool AddOns for all our Release 7 Framework for Civil 3D customers. Ok. The tool also technically also works for all of our Release 6 Framework products too. We simply cannot resist helping out our customers when they ask.

Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool AddOn

Customers asked for it so we added Linetype assignments and script generation of Linetype Layer States to Release 7. You can Work with linetypes set up one way and Publish with linetypes assigned in another way with a couple of clicks. One more thing you don’t have to hassle with inside of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Did you know? Both STB and CTB publishing standards are supported in Release 7.

An Awesome AutoCAD Civil 3D Looks Like This

You are a Release 6 or Release 7 customer.
Visit your download page to get the new Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool AddOns.

You need to upgrade to Release 7. Don’t delay.
The Framework gets better and better. Release 7 is way better. This list is scary. Nah. We won’t pressure you. We don’t force you. We must persuade you with more competence. We actually make upgrades as painless as possible even for work in progress. We supply the how to upgrade documentation.

You aren’t yet a Framework customer? Get Jump Kit and end the pain and suffering.
The Framework is affordable. The Framework works. Yes. It’s in there.

An AutoCAD Agnostic Standards Tool

The truth be told our Layer Standards Tools for both STB and CTB will work to help anyone customize and manage any AutoCAD-based product.
Ok. It works for DGN Level systems too, but who cares about that? Register here. See all the on-line help.

  • All the latest core NCS 5.0 Layer Standards is built-in.
  • The latest GSA CTB Layer Standards are built-in.
  • If you don’t like the NCS. No problem.
    If you have a Layer scheme based on any Keys,
    you can tweak and use the Layer Standards Spreadsheet tool.
  • Build better managed ACAD templates, in-depth Layer States, and multiple AutoCAD Standards files all at the same time.
  • All the publish on demand resources are in the Framework.

Built in Layer Resources

People ask, “Are there other management tools in your product?”

The Framework for Civil 3D Civil 3D Spreadsheet Tools

The secret sauce to the Framework’s back end resources.

  • Layer Standards Tool – Change any STB or CTB Layer system to anything you want in scary detail
    while obeying rules, Keys, and conventions.
    Customize the Layer system underneath any Civil 3D Style library.
    Build and maintain complex and detailed working and publication Layer States for end users
    Build and maintain integrated AutoCAD Standards files
    Works for any AutoCAD based application and even includes the AIA’s NCS 5.0 keys
  • Survey Code Tool – Change the huge list field-tested Survey Codes to anything you want or
    go back and forth to anyone else’s.
    While you’re at it, learn how to save a ton of field time too.
  • Description Key Set Tool – The centerpiece of Civil 3D’s Point display and annotation engine.
    Works with the Survey Code Tool and integrates with the Figure Db Tool.
  • Figure Db Tool – Build Civil 3D Figure prefix Dbs outside of Civil 3D
    No matter how you figure it this is better.
    Works with the Survey Code Tool and integrates with the Description Key Set Tool
  • Subassembly Codes Tool – the Stock Civil 3D codes documentation and even dwg visuals
    and sets of standard abbreviations and descriptions for annotation and corridor point output. Yes there are supplied Description Key Sets to match supplied in the Framework.
  • Symbols Maintenance Tool – Tools to build and maintain Symbol Sets that even obey NCS like naming conventions to make symbols and libraries easy, consistent, and flexible.
    The core graphics resources for Civil 3D point styles and even AutoCAD Tool Palettes.

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