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I do chant in training that Intelligent Publish on Demand – which I shorten to iPOD so you don’t forget it- is really full of Civil 3D skills with thrills. We want and get the way cool Civil 3D experience.

Oh, no. I read recently that the “th” sound may disappear from English in the next 50 years. “Th” sounds will be replaced with “f” and “v” sounds. Will those skills with thrills become skills with frills like the ones some now say dressed up sauropods? Think - very big dinos with pompadours. AutoCAD Civil 3D will be a dinosaur by then. They also say words that end in “l” sounds will also disappear.

The phrase “Siv triD bi ski wid fri” sounds to me like the mumbled rant of a drunken Cornish Brixiter.

What are you talking about?

Well. A customer did ask a question about getting stuck with un-editable best fit results using Civil 3D Best Fit tools. The multiple forms of BFT are some of those Civil 3D skills with thrills that allow you to systematically relate point data, be they survey or design locations, to the powerful Civil 3D Design Control Manager – The Alignment.

This video from the Deliverables course says it best and makes the point.
Register and get easy access to the whole iPOD thing as a Member. Sorry.
While the training course is catchy the video is not a two minute pop-tune out take.
Nor is it a selfie of Kim’s jewels.
We talking about managed data behind after all - which is more precious here in Civil 3D Land.

Best Fit Segment Tools Rocks the Socks

Yup. Stuffed to the gills with skills with thrills. Civil 3D Tools are not all at once or…

One and Done

The time may come that you must remove all that nifty Best Fit segment data from your alignment.
You can get all tied up in the potty because that section of the Alignment becomes un-editable.
You also may no longer need to carry around all that baggage.
You have two choices:

  • The AutoCAD people will always say, “Explode it.”
    Too much work.
  • Export out the Alignment as LandXML and immediately reimport it.

Why? That sounds like more work?
Is it?

You Must Try It

You don’t need to redefine anything.
Ooooo. Way Cool.

The Civil 3D data behind favors those who employ Civil 3D skills with thrills even if it sometimes sounds like nonsense. Best Fit is certainly not IYI deadlifting and reflects a proper employment of regression analysis tools. Hoist a pint for me.

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