Fresh Recap on ACAD 2017 Update

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The wind up to the Columbus Day holiday (which may have become Indigenous in your neck of the woods) brought interesting new releases from Autodesk. The Fall has been an Autodesk pre-AU barrage. We've all seen Stranger Things.

Is the real-life Upside Down anything like the weekly Friday night fights that begin almost before the mandatory round from the document dumpsters?
The various work related releases might be easy to miss amidst the political circus pomp and innuendo. IYI says all to that.

Voyage of Discovery Help

By the by there is a new customer-requested News Archive page on the site if you want or need to catch up and perform a voyage of Autodesk release or Framework for Civil 3D product release discovery.

AutoCAD 2017.1 Update

Autodesk released a fall Update aptly named AutoCAD 2017.1 Update.
This took a while to flutter out through the Autodesk Desktop App publication process.
Yes. We appear to have both Service Parks and Updates – the last appear to add new features into AutoCAD in mid-stream.

Here’s the link to the detailed News post and the entire AutoCAD 2017.1 Update feature list.

But do these new Updates still fix things? Oh, Yes.
The AutoCAD 2017.1 Update also fixes problems with all AutoCAD-based apps and AutoCAD 2017 SP1.
The AutoCAD Fall Update is not to be missed as you hang around and chat at the water cooler or in locker room.

Speaking of public enablers…

There’s a new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 Object Enabler if they must swear off proxygraphics or DWF.

ReCap Pro 2017

Autodesk also released a new version of Autodesk ReCap Pro 2017 with some new, important, and exciting features. Time to update your point clouds?

Here’s the link to the News post and the Autodesk ReCap Pro 2017 feature list.

The following two new features of ReCap are worth immediate attention. I trust it should not take too long for the fog of war to lift.

Expanded Registration

The latest ReCap now allows you to combine high-end, high-fidelity terrestrial laser scans with unstructured point clouds. Unstructured point clouds are created when data is scanned without a reference frame. Common examples are point clouds from scans performed with UAVs, or mobile scanners that are mounted on cars or boats or planes, or even hand-held sensors.

ReCap now allows you to align data from terrestrial scanner and unstructured point clouds with just a few clicks. You simply view the two different point clouds in ReCap, pick three common points from both views, and the unstructured data will automatically scale and align.

Import CAD Models

The panoramic Real Views capabilities of ReCap represent a powerful visualization and communication tool.
A new ReCap feature allows you to import a Navisworks project (a NWD file) into ReCap.
Because almost any kind of CAD file can be imported into Navisworks, this feature basically lets you import almost any kind of CAD geometry into ReCap.

That does include your survey and/or design surface models.

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