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The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D includes an entire rasher of fully-integrated Point Group resources. A couple of thousand Survey Codes that work in the real world surely help too. This is evolutionary innovation.
If you employ Civil 3D Survey to produce production deliverables, you need these. Sadly it seems this has been a challenge for many folks in Civil 3D Land. Civil 3D Point features are a lot more flexible than the way data works in the CAD dinosaurs.

Who Needs That?

I know. It can be overwhelming.

If you want to produce Better Deliverables faster, you can help yourself a lot by managing the improvement of your Civil 3D Standards from job to job.
You do the work. Why not work on how you do the work too?
What do you know? The Framework makes it easier in many ways.
Our Members only Deliverables video training course covers how to do this in detail.
It’s free. We do want to know who’s learning and training. Sign up here.

Last week I chatted up and showed you how you might work to regularly improve and/or customize the block graphics. Maybe you missed that? The Framework’s Spreadsheet Tools are worth the price of Jump Kit all by themselves. The Framework takes customizing AutoCAD Civil 3D to a higher level.

Work Smarter Not Harder

This time I thought a short video could cover the substance of how you might want to standardize and continuously improve your working Point Groups from job to job. I like to say,

“If the way you work is stays the same, you’re headed for extinction.”

How to Standardize Point Groups

Niffy huh?
Better Civil 3D Standards Management is built into the Framework for Civil 3D by design. We’ve built and developed an evolutionary product.

Speaking of Evolutionary

I cannot stop laughing. You have to hand to the Aussies!
Some creative evolutionary biologists in the Australia have recently announced the discovery the Higgs Bison. Catchy. The Higgs Boson is, of course, something completely different that radically revised our thinking in physics. They make a good point.

It seems based on DNA evidence that back in the day the European Steppe bison could breed with the now extinct aurochs (the proto cow) to produce genetic and viable hybrids and so…
You got it - the Higgs Bison.
This solves the mystery of prehistoric cave paintings that clearly show two different kinds of bison like beasts available to worshipful hunters in the days gone by.

“How high can a buffalo jump?”

Which brings us to the other important question above.
Why there are more cows than bison being farmed today? The answer…

In a pinch a 2000 lbs (1 ton) American bull bison can clear an 8 foot fence and
boogie along at 40 mph.

Usually bison prefer to just get together in a rugby-like scum and push over regular cattle fences.
It appears they like to do that just for fun too - Especially when the eating is better on the other side.
You got to love the bison’s spirit.

This also aptly explains why many Native American tribes now prefer to herd casino buses and not bison.

A Higher Standard to Build On