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I heard something on election night from a liberal political hack on a major news network about our recent historic US election. He mumbled,

“Where did these voters come from?”

A note to the deep blue fringe – progressives and humanists alike - 
We’ve been here all the time. We aren’t going to Canada.
Call this election diversity training.
We all hope and pray more isn’t necessary for a while.

Back in history King George said almost the same thing about the uproar of the American Revolution.
Of course, he used far nastier words than voter or citizen - None of those words were fit for hear-no-evil, politically-correct ears.
The King sent out orders and troops to arrest and hang those deplorable folks and their families.
I wake up every day with the sure and abiding knowledge that if he had succeeded, I would not be here.

There Would Be No Republic of the United States of America

What do you know?
Their rabble rousing message was, and is, strangely familiar:
Populist, anti-corruption, moral, decidedly (and not-so-quietly) religious, and all our about God given authority to self-govern our lives.
Thank God for our Republic and the Divinely blessed and inspired wisdom and courage of our forefathers.

America you made me proud this week. Unquestionably, I must testify…

God Answers Prayer

Since it is Veterans Day, please take a second to remember the first.

I happen to be named after the only person ever officially allowed armed into Congress. There’s a reason for that.

Tench Tilghman may be the first US veteran ever – Some will say the second after Washington. This occurred before the Declaration of Independence as signed. He had an official mission to perform. Tench signed the first treaty for the United States for Congress with the Five Indian Nations at the beginning of the Revolution. He accomplished that feat alone aside from his horse. He was nominated to be the first Secretary of State. He died before taking office at only 42 of malaria contracted at Yorktown. He was honored to ride the British surrender to Congress. This was the most famous ride of the American Revolution for a lifetime. The anniversary was a holiday in many States.

During the Revolution he rode 50+ horses to death getting orders and armies around for Washington and the Continental Congress. He paid for all of those horses himself. He carried and used two sabers. He fought equally well with both hands - handy in a fight in those days. Congress honored him with two more he could carry anywhere after the war. He made an impression. He and his business partner it seems also raised a bunch of the money to feed and supply the Continental Army. He didn’t get rich doing it.

They say the Constitution has a salary clause for the President specifically because Tench became ill and he probably would not be around to keep an eye on George after he took office. People in the Congress did worry about the first President’s tendency to over spend his expense account. Yet he designed for George the orange greenhouse at Mount Version between the end of the war and the first Presidential election. People forget our actual political founding took many long years after a long war. There are literally almost no written records about him, his long relationship to Washington and Congress, and what he did most of the time. His secrets stayed kept and were buried with him.

One has to guess that there are reasons for that too. Some folk must do the do.

You’ll also note Tench does not have a role in the popular Broadway musical Hamilton.

Thank God.