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Today, the Framework makes AutoCAD Civil 3D symbols/blocks even easier to customize and maintain in multiple releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D. The Framework helps you look better and deliver exactly what you need to your clients with less customization effort. Imagine that!
That’s what the Framework for Civil 3D is all about.

We’ve released a new Symbol Exchange AddOn that’s free to our Release 7 Framework for Civil 3D customers.
This AddOn includes an update to the Symbols Maintenance Spreadsheet Tool.
Our way of saying thanks for your continued support.
Login and download the AddOn today.

More Adaptive Standards for Civil 3D

A common request made by Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D customers is a way to easily update the supplied Symbol Set block graphics and other block details (e.g. insertion points, hatch fills, Multiview representations, etc.).

The Symbol Exchange AddOn employs a standard method and practice to accomplish exactly that. The method is easy to maintain and simple for end users to execute in both shared network environments or on local computers. Way cool! Of course… No Code is included in the AddOn.

“Dave? How do they do that?
Can our Civil 3D template and Civil 3D Style customizations do that?”

No matter how complete and detailed we are in the Framework for Civil 3D everyone wants to change something. The concepts built into the new Symbol Exchange AddOn were discussed earlier in the Civil 3D Symbol Exchange post.

Our Members on-line help already includes detailed help for these new Symbol Exchange Tools.

The Framework is a Better Managed solution for Civil 3D

Focus on your civil engineering and survey work. Don’t waste time and energy on the silly and ever-changing details. Get the Framework…

Go Faster with Less Work