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This post is a follow-up to The Cascaded Civil 3D Intersection post and video which itself was itself a follow up to the Stop That Civil 3D Wizard post and video. Somehow a chain of blog post seems very appropriate given the subject of related Intersections and Complex Corridors in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Since the Intersection Wizard was initially introduced, Autodesk has upgraded many of the Design Control capabilities in Alignments and Profiles in Civil 3D. Geometry locking is an important one that has gone through a couple of significant upgrades. The Intersection tools got partly lost in the shuffle.

Unexpected Consequences

If you do not pay attention to some of the new Locking mechanics the Intersection Ribbon Tools and the Lane Slopes tool may unkindly delete your design profile for no apparent reason. Arrrgh.
The Intersection tools do not expect the newer Profile geometry locking capabilities available now in more current releases. This is certainly a bug – albeit a subtle one basic Civil 3D users may never encounter. It is certainly annoying, but integrated Civil 3D skills and Style tools from the Framework for Civil 3D show us the way.

More Competency Pays

It is easy to work around this quirky behavior once you get it. The reason is simply the method you choose to lock Profile geometry to your Alignment in your design Intersection. After the design control is properly related you can even change the Profile geometry locking method back.
AutoCAD Civil 3D is thankfully a bit more flexible these days than in days gone by.

To Review

Our design challenge is a frequent one found in both roadway and site design projects. We need multiple driveway approaches to a site. The new approaches will also entail some cleanup and/or roadway improvement on part of the existing street.

Cascaded Intersections and testing corridors can get you to a design solution faster.

As promised here the detailed walk-through of how to build a dynamic Cascaded Intersection for multiple drive approaches. We’ll use some Stop the Intersection technique, core AutoCAD grip tools, and the essential Civil 3D Alignment and Profile tools along the way.
Civil 3D skills with thrills indeed.

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