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“No way.”
Yes way. Release 7 of Framework for Civil 3D provides everything you need. You think that’s one heck of a brash claim? The truth is our customers never complain about that. Most new customers are simply stunned at the bang for the buck. Come on, folks.
This is what we do – Make Civil 3D Work.

Commitment and Focus Create Benefits

The Framework for Civil 3D is a best-kept-secret - a killer app in Civil 3D Land. That’s pretty amazing if we consider the Framework contains no code; is wildly adaptive; notably robust and complete; notoriously standards compliant; available for multiple releases of Civil 3D; and best of all - it works.

Did Autodesk or your Autodesk Reseller tell you that when they took your money?

Probably not. We have to ask, “Why?”

Most of my old friends consider the Framework for Civil 3D to a competitor to their offered services. That’s pretty silly.
The Framework would make those services better and more productive for all.

“You can lead the donkey to the water…”

The Framework for Civil 3D is disruptive. We make no apologies.
Our focused results can’t be matched by them.
Our goals are different, divergent, and perhaps even emergent.

We Become Unmentionable

Don’t blame them. The Autodesk Reseller gig is a tough one. The 800 lb. gorilla demands all your attention or else. I personally know that all too well.

Great Style is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Innovation Beyond the Code

Who knew someone could cram in all those advanced Civil 3D skills with thrills into one short video? The Framework makes that possible.
Better Style Tools do make work easier and more productive.

From a Civil Engineering design perspective what’s not to like about thousands of production Civil 3D Style tools in managed libraries to help you design and publish work for every design challenge.

From a Survey perspective what’s not to like about a couple of thousand field-tested codes, integrated figure prefix libraries, thousands of Point Styles, and easy to use Excel based tools for you to tune the entire Framework as you see fit.

Isn’t the Freedom of Choice what preference is all about?

A Managed AutoCAD Civil 3D that always improves is better.

“What does the Framework cost?

Way less than a day’s billables for you. Probably less than your costs for a single day’s work.
People do say I’m crazy. Take advantage.

Let’s call it - “Trump Change”.
Get ready for the infrastructure push.
Get ready to survey, design, publish, and build it better.

Innovation Beyond the Myth

Don’t be a chump and buy the Autodesk Myth that you have to customize Civil 3D and then maintain every silly little resource yourself. All the way back in 2008 that never made sense to me. Practice may make you better. Innovative practice under pressure does something else. We changed the game.
The Framework’s TCO and ROI are absurd.
Please. Go ahead. Do the math.

Already have your own customized Civil 3D solution?
Convert it.
Our Spreadsheet Tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D make the impossible possible.
Anyone can learn to employ the Spreadsheet Tools make your Civil 3D better and get more business.
We delivered major improvements to multiple Spreadsheet Tools just in the last couple of months – for free!

Get the Best Managed AutoCAD Civil 3D

Do you get paid the reinvent the wheel or, God Forbid, the entire high-performance Civil 3D engine?
Ok. We’re engineers. All of us know we could do it better (grin). We are deplorable and insufferable.
Become a customer and help us make the Framework better.
Register today. Become a Member. Learn to enjoy a Civil 3D that works.

This new year resolve to…

Get the Liberty to Work Better in Civil 3D

Merry Christmas!