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Autodesk works continuously to improve AutoCAD Civil 3D. That’s a good thing. They had user meetings last week to prove it. Based on managed, corporate governance the development team works from a set of known goals towards a clear set of objectives. Does that mean that Civil 3D users actually can benefit from the new cool stuff? History demonstrates to all of us in Civil 3D Land this is not necessarily a given. Perhaps…

MoreCompetency is Vital

Or not. It is possible to talk to customers and completely miss the feedback you get. Been there. Done that. Got my tee shirt. Hence all our customers get my email. I try to listen and answer.

Customer feedback can be like political polls. If you have a fully-Featured (that’s a Civil 3D pun) agenda, that will change your questions and, in effect, twist the results to suit a preconceived viewpoint.
Allow me to illustrate with a true life story.

The man leans in the car window and says to the woman,
“Would you like to have dinner together tomorrow?”

She responds. “Yes. That would be very nice.”

“Great! You can cook me dinner. I’ll see you at your place tomorrow night. Let’s say 6:00PM.
Sorry. I have to run. See you then.”

Exit Stage Left…

Some famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon character often said that. Do you remember who?

This is actually how I managed to get my first date with my wife of many years and mother of my children. She was pretty stunned to say the least.
The truth be told - I was then the executive chef at one of those world-famous places you might know and very few folk can afford.
Fab Food for the rich and famous.
There were literally no prices on our menu.

“How does that work?”

Very tactfully and politely, of course.

Expectation is Eternal

My future wife graciously made me a simple salad. Back in the day she couldn’t really boil water. We obviously had a successful evening. I did have to call our mutual friend to find out where she lived.
I kid you not.

AutoCAD Civil 3D can be like our menu from back in the day. You expect a great meal. You can get it and wind up spending a whole lot more.
If that works for you, I’m happy that you are happy.
If not, you can end up with only salad or simply choose to pick only an appetizer to save a potential car payment.

More is Possible

The Framework for Civil 3D is a library of resources and Style Tool choices that produce fabulous civil engineering and survey solutions inside Civil 3D. If a celebrity chef cooked up Civil 3D solutions, it would look just like Jump Kit. A managed and well-integrated system for all of Civil 3D works better.
Since people always ask...

“It’s in there.”

Get Produce and Publish in Civil 3D

“Might I suggest a discrete whine with your simply maaarvelous meal?”