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In the second week of February 2017 before Valentine’s Day, we made a number of backend security and website engine updates to make both our public and private login portions of the site more secure in preparation for a near-term future conversion of the entire site from the http protocol to the encrypted https (SSL) protocol.

Prepare for the Future

Thankfully, this is all mostly invisible to our many website users.

Currently, cadpilot.com has 1200+ public pages with literally thousands of links to check and validate before the planed https (SSL) switchover.
In Civil 3D terms this is like upgrading a ten-year long project to publish in a new set of publishing templates in a new release of Civil 3D. Even if you build and plan for such a thing you still have some QAQC work to do.

Our current and future website users should see and experience no significant changes except good ones based on the recent updates.

Most users in any reasonably current browsers should experience some page delivery performance improvements. Your actual performance improvement result may vary.

If you experience problems of any kind on the website, please let us know via email

The Cadpilot Website is Pretty Secure Already

We employ state-of-the-art website engine technologies from recognized and well-respected developers. We regularly update and remain current with those technologies. Our monthly News updates confirm that on-going commitment and effort publically. We host our servers with reputable hosting vendors who demonstrably maintain secure hosting environments inside the US.

We make a serious and continuous effort to both make the site and the large collection of varied media content accessible to all and exceptionally safe to use.

In brief:

  • We curate video content only from known and demonstrably secure public servers from providers like YouTube et al.
  • We take the time to validate all the public content as both secure and without substantial misinformation or significant content errors. We comment on issues and concerns.
  • All our internal website video and picture content is not stored in the website itself but on secure and external cloud servers.
  • We do not charge for website access.
  • We collect only the minimal user information for site membership.
  • We do not sell any collected website user information to any other parties for any reason.
  • We choose not to validate users from social platforms to keep your choices private.
  • All our product sale financial transactions are handled externally and securely apart from the website via PayPal.
  • We never require, collect, or retain financial transaction information on MoreCompetency Inc websites.
  • Intentionally, no automated processes are employed to assign user rights or grant website access.

See our website Privacy Policy here.

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PS: If you are interested in our specific website technology choices, please feel free to email me at the email address above. I’m always happy to talk shop.

The fact is - the manifestation of Style on the web and representation of Style in AutoCAD Civil 3D have more in common than many people imagine.

Yes. The current website design could play a bit better on mobile platforms. We did update all the videos so they now scale to your device. Nice. The site is tweaked to perform better in landscape format on phones. In any case currently 97% of site visitors still employ desktop browsers to access the content. Honestly, we’re waiting for the Bootstrap 4.0 beta to go public to redo the menus and some of the content display in the site structure.