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There is an important fact surprises many people: Most of our civil engineering and survey customers already had their own set of Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D styles when they adopted the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D. These folk recognize the simple fact that reinventing and maintaining the AutoCAD Civil 3D torture wheel is a significant waste of time, energy, and money. They know:

“It is easier to edit than to create.”

Our latest Release 7 for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 hit the street last week. Follow the link to discover the yummy new 2018 goodies. Release 7 now supports 4 releases of Civil 3D in consummate detail.
Do your Civil 3D templates do that? The Framework allows anyone to…

Build on the Tested Work of Others

“Tell me about the Civil 3D template resources.”

The Framework for Civil 3D products supply a managed set of AutoCAD core resources that are employed in the products. The fact of a managed integration of all the core resources plays a significant role in a successful Civil 3D implementation in real world projects. Here’s the central summary post:

Civil 3D Features Matter Most

This month we also released a brand new Members>>Documentation and Help section on Templates in Civil 3D with detailed help and instruction on tweaking the Framework template resources to meet your needs.
You need only to become a Member to access those free Templates in Civil 3D help pages.
What do you know? There are lots of free Civil 3D training video pages too.

Would you believe it? The Framework includes easy to use Spreadsheet Tools that allow you to change the many template resources in a managed system. A review of our InstantOn resources is just the beginning:

There are detailed Overview Videos available.

Civil 3D Templates Define an Implementation Project Definition

All the pieces of a Civil 3D project are built into Civil 3D by the software’s own scope definition. Autodesk ships AutoCAD Civil 3D with templates to help define that. The supplied examples may be inadequate, meaningless, or simply bad from your perspective. The essential parts and pieces are all there. Be wary of adding more. KISS.

The Civil 3D Project Template

This is the core working project structure: the container for your approved in-use resources; your backup and archival strategy; and ultimately your delivery method to the troops. It represents the current “approved” snapshot of your on-going implementation project. All the rest is in here. Many people miss the basic reality we can pre-build the core named Civil 3D Features used in our projects in here.

The Sheet Set Template and Sheet Templates

These define the published model output in Civil 3D. There is a folder structure, naming conventions, standard resources, and methods to hold that buried in here. If the daily project quality control and check loops do not happen here, plan set deliverables become the crisis.

Civil 3D Model Templates

These contain the Styles and Set tools we need to create, edit, maintain, and publish the model Features. The Civil 3D model template is said to be the Holy Grail of Civil 3D implementation. This is a frankly a deception. The good news - You can now avoid that work as much as possible.

Get the Freedom to Work in Civil 3D