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Sooner or later one of the infamous Autodesk Bartels Boys is sure to do a brief how to video on the AutoCAD Civil 3D Export command. Visit their site. There’s no harm in continuing education and the Export command should not be missed. Aren’t there more than one of them? Export commands I mean. They’re like Russians.

The What and What For Matters

Is Civil BIM the practical ability to get the suitable information to the right person at the right time and in the most understandable and useable form?

Put another way – We all know an Excel spreadsheet you understand but no one else can comprehend without a two-hour PowerPoint how to presentation isn’t really what the world needs.

#Civil3D Export publication is never going to be a magic button.

Call the indispensable synergy of user skills, workflow, and execution - Intelligent Publish on Demand or iPOD for short. Maybe I should simplify that to…

Brain Engaged Publication

Better BIM requires BEP. You know roads...roadrunner...beep beep.

I’ve already published a number of significant practical variations of specific Civil 3D Feature Exports on the Video Training pages. Register; become a website member; and get more competent. Certainly, this demo video on Civil 3D Deliverables makes a point about the robust capabilities of the Framework for Civil 3D and the type of consistent and achievable results I’m talking about.

Better Deliverables in AutoCAD Civil 3D

Done the better way, Civil 3D Template solutions and Styles library resources mean that some surprising old school CAD bugaboos may become a thing of the past. I get it. Many still find this is hard to believe. Here’s a case in point…

The InstantOn Miracle

Our Framework for Civil 3D customers say it pays great to do civil engineering and survey work and not worry incessantly about the more insignificant and petty details. You can have it your way without reinventing the wheel. Imagine. Recently, I did promise a few customers an…

Export from Civil 3D Cheat Sheet

Advanced Civil 3D Publication

  • Why Intelligent Publish on Demand is both Mission Critical Skill and Procees

Performance Amnesia and Invisible Civil 3D

  • Prepartion for Publication and/or Export often requires we systematically manage the invisible data behind

Export Civil 3D to DWG and DGN

  • Detailed overview of the two forms of Export from Civil 3D challenges, requirements, and processes.

Civil 3D Works Like Water

  • Why and How Style and Set standards and Layers States work together and must be in phase.

Faster Civil 3D Standards with UL

  • A brief but important review of DWF publication tools and useage.

Export from Civil 3D Cleanup Arts

  • Detailed review of the Export from Civil 3D AutoCAD Clean-up tools, mechanics, and methods

Promise kept.
Actually, this list is just part of the Export from Civil 3D section in our Members>>Documentation and Help section. All the links to videos and post are more are collected there. Imagine that.

Did you notice? This brings up the other important question of the moment (of inertia),

How Many Apps Must I Master?

I’ve said, taught, and delivered on the concept we CAD pilots must become better DataDudes whether we like it or not. About the time we can stumble about inside of AutoCAD Civil 3D, we are faced with #Infraworks, Recap, Revit, and even more than that just to get that project work out the door.
Maybe it is obvious that…

The door itself already changed forever.

Bean me up, Scotty. This quantum entanglement software thing makes my head hurt.

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