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Last time we talked about the Neglected Features in Civil 3D. If we are going to learn to employ Intersections and Survey Dbs successfully for Better Information Management Execution (BIME), we are going to smash face first into the AutoCAD Civil 3D Design Control Manager- aka the Alignment. No doubt about it. We all have days when Civil 3D feels like a contact sport.

Read the Neglected Features in Civil 3D post.

Are Your Ready for Some Football?

We created The Civil 3D Book of Alignments to help us all get our heads around these full-contact Alignment Matters.

The title of the Book of Alignments must be plural.
To make Alignments singular would be tangential.
The singular would contradict AutoCAD Civil 3D’s fundamental collective concepts and the very nature of the Alignment itself.
Singularity would also neglect the character of the book which is compound and multi-faceted by necessity and purpose.

“Is our challenge in Civil 3D the training or the retraining?”

For those of you who prefer a video to the written this video review from our Deliverables in Civil 3D course is pretty instructive and replete with nuanced Civil 3D Alignment mechanics.

Mission Critical Alignment Matters

“I wish I’d seen this video years ago.”

Can Your Civil 3D Templates and Styles Do That?

People do like the Annotative Alignments twists shown in the video. Register on the site. Some of the links below may require it. There’s lots more free Civil 3D in-depth help and documentation for other Civil 3D topics that matter available in our free Members section.

It does help to have an always affordable Templates Only so you too can do the do. Ok. It may tempt you to…

Get All the Magic Beyond the Code

There are AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 Alignment post updates with videos included if that matters to you. It should.
Here’s the current chapter and verse of

The Civil 3D Book of Alignments

A Study Guide to Alignment Strategies, Tactics, and Practice

Civil 3D Features Matter Most

  • The most important post on Civil 3D. Read this post once a month.
    Each month the contents will mean more and be more significant.

Civil 3D Alignment

  • The Mission Critical nature of Civil 3D Alignment Features

Civil 3D Alignment Types

  • Alignment Types - purposes and tasks in Civil 3D

An Alignment in Civil 3D

  • The Design Control Manager in Civil 3D

Baseline Civil 3D Alignments

  • Alignments and their important Relationships in Civil 3D Design

The Alignment End View in Civil 3D

  • The role of the Alignment in Publish on Demand

Annotative Profiles in Civil 3D

  • Using Alignment Reports to Generate Special Profile Annotation

Civil 3D Horizontal Control

  • A Primer and Warnings on Horizontal Control in Civil 3D
  • Topics covered include Segments, Reversals, Stationing, and Reference Points

Alignment Based Point Groups

  • Using Alignment Reports to Generate Point Annotation related to an Alignment
  • The written fundamentals of Plan and Profile annotation in Publish on Demand

Civil 3D Alignment Matters

  • A post with an overview video of Alignments and Publish on Demand

Civil 3D Best Fits are Fast and Better

  • A post with a in-depth video of overall Best Fit Alignments and Publish on Demand

Civil 3D Best Fit Segment Tools

  • A post with a in-depth video of Best Fit Alignment Segments

Control By Intersections

  • How Intersection based design helps us in Civil 3D

Civil 3D Xref Labels

  • How to Employ Xref Label even for Alignment Group Labels

Alignment Fundamentals

The Vector Direction of Style in Civil 3D

  • Direction Matters in in Civil 3D
  • Alignment geometry construction requires we see it via Style and recognize the new possibilities

Civil 3D 2018 Alignment Updates

Civll 3D 2018 Connected Alignment Upgrade

  • The 2018 Connected Alignment Curb Return Alignment type and some uses beyond the obvious in Civil 3D design.

Offset Profiles in Civil 3D 2018

  • The practical issues of Offset Alignment and Offset Profile creation and use - More on Connected Alignments too.

Multiple Dynamic Baselines in Civil 3D 2018

  • Why and How Multiple Dynamic Baselines change both the mechanics and iterative results of Corridor modelling in Civil 3D.

C3D 2018 Superelevation and Offset Profiles

  • Do slope controlled Offset Profiles work with Superelevation? Includes a video with complex Assembly demo.