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Civil 3D Land is awash with help and video resources. Those of us who prognosticate about the software all have our personal inventories of go-to resources. Is one of yours? At times we experts act like the White House press corps repeating the crud purveyed by those around us without much consideration of our audience or their real world problems. Sorry, I too succumb sometimes.

Lordy the Man Posts A Lot

Why that sounds like Monty Python character dialog to me.

To me a technical blog about the personal discipline of consistently write something useful for the folks that have to actually implement and use Autodesk’s Civil software every day. The Civil 3D diva provides lots of stuff to talk about.

The Jump On Civil 3D blog like the Framework for Civil 3D itself is about the liberation from the mundane detail to Get Work Done.

Seems to me there are already, and always will be, plenty of places to find the quick fix How To.
The official AKN site and forums probably has the quick answers to your question.  
No. AKN is not an Armenian airport.
How many new Screencasts went up this week?
How many YouTube Civil 3D and Infraworks videos were published?
For the most part I avoid such things in this blog.
I focus on deeper topics in multiple related posts.

Staying Power

Deeper explorations of the mechanics and workflows possible in AutoCAD Civil 3D takes more than 140 characters or a 250-500 word blog post with a picture or a screenshot. For better or worse, I decided to walk away from the mindless stock photo eye-candy post. Today, I employ only videos where appropriate to explain deeper and more complex substantive details. Perhaps others have followed my lead. A video without some content structure behind it is nice and useful.
That video by itself also seems to lack instructive staying power.

Curated Video Help

I started the Civil Training on the Web section of this site because I already do the work, watch all the videos, and ritually practice the Learn and Burn I preach.
Why not share with others a search for better uses for Civil 3D, Infraworks, etc.?
Customers asked for it. People seem to like it. I don’t have to talk to the wall as much.

This month we introduced new categorized Video Archive collections pages to help you find useful videos faster. Most months we add a new category or two and reorganize the ever-growing collection a bit.

We also publically published a new Autodesk Online Help page with links to all the viable releases of Autodesk civil applications in multiple releases. Mine was private and squirrelled away but Jerry Bartels inspired me that others might also find such a thing useful.

Why Have a Members Section?

I don’t do Members to produce email lists or to sell stuff although I suppose I could or should.
If you are willing to tell me who you are, I am willing to share more. That’s all folks.

The Way Too Much Information reality we live in is no joke.
We have a free Members section mostly to make the public site less overwhelming.

Our Members section allows us to organize the blog and video post series into more coherent packages. Call them Cadpilot Topic eBooks if you prefer. Some of the packages are formal course content produced for customers and happily shared with everyone.

It also exists to separate the Framework for Civil 3D technical support details. These may be interesting and instructive, in and of themselves, for some Civil 3D CAD Management geeks, but perhaps not useful to the casual visitor.

The Post Series Topics Published This Year

The Topical Post Series also get summarized in the monthly News updates. Most are linked within the series posts. Many of these are (in AutoCAD speak) sheets of sheet sets of bigger topics that can found in Members. Who knew?

Survey Query Series

Reference Templates in Civil 3D Series

Legends and Lists in Civil 3D Series

Civil 3D Survey Tools and Features Series

The Civil 3D 2018 Alignment Series

Export from Civil 3D Series