Civil 3D 2018 River and Flood Analysis Released

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Last year in was Louisiana. This year it’s the bottom half of Texas that’s below decks and under water. Someone needs to remind the Autodesk marketing folks that the middle of the hurricane season is maybe not the best time to announce the annual release of the River and Flood Analysis Module for AutoCAD Civil 3D. They certainly know that. Perhaps Autodesk is trying to make an important point.

River and Flood Analysis Module for Civil 3D 2018

The Autodesk River and Flood Analysis Module is a sophisticated river modeling software package that supported HEC-RAS inside the AutoCAD Civil 3D environment.
River and Flood Analysis makes it easier than ever before to compute water surface profiles for modeling rivers, bridges, culverts, spillways, levees, floodplain and floodway delineations, stream diversions, channel improvements, and split flows.

River and Flood Features

  • Automate HEC-RAS cross section cutting, water surface analysis, flood plain mapping, and all related modeling tasks.
  • Utilize numerous automation mapping tools for extracting cross sections from various digital terrain sources including contours, TINs, DTMs, DEMs, LiDAR data, survey files, surveyed cross sections, etc.
  • Perform sophisticated bridge and culvert analysis as well as automating the process of designing and analyzing roadway crossings.
  • Automate mapping of bank station locations, channel and overland flow lengths, levee locations, ineffective flow areas, Manning’s roughness data from topographic map data.
  • Perform automated bridge scour computations for FHWA and state DOT roadway studies.
  • Automatically generate floodplain and floodway maps, ready for FEMA and other agency submittals.

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Once in Another Lifetime

I was once asked to design and build a small subdivision in a flood plain. It never rains in California. I lived in the same flood plain and through a flood. We ended up with nice charming houses with floors well above the 500 year flood line. This has paid off for the owners twice in the last 30 years by my count. Didn’t cost much more either.
Trust me. The engineers didn’t do it.
No insurance company has yet to send me a commission check either.

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