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The AutoCAD Civil 3D resources structure of the Framework for Civil 3D works pretty well both to package up a whole bunch of diverse resources and to get those power-packed resources deployed, available, and implemented for Civil 3D users quickly. People sometimes email me and ask if they can use the structure.

You bet. I do point out that they can get a cheap copy that saves them tons of basic typing work for only $25 in Templates Only. That might convince you too that the most affordable Framework itself is worth the investment.
What are we? Typists or Cavemen?
The Framework for Civil 3D beats reinventing fire, the wheel, but not beer - which we all know is responsible for civilization.

The Evolution of Managed Systems for Civil 3D

The Framework is guaranteed to be wheat and gluten free. I’m not sure if the Framework is GMO certified, but we are organic. Most of the Framework structure was organically grown by trial and error with a bunch of civil engineering and survey customers large, medium, and small. Nothing like real project work to beat the snot out of lame brain ideas. After a decade, the risk is pretty minimal.

The Framework’s managed system and structure intentionally supports both generally shared Civil 3D resource implementations and project specific resources. Some customers even mix and match both forms of resource management depending on the project need. That’s a Civil 3D user skill level thing.

We document all of this - even how to systematically maintain and upgrade projects. Who knew?
You can Register and see all that detail, help and support here for free.
See the Install videos page and the Shared Resources for Civil 3D directions.
Que the rocking surf music…

I Get Around

Someone at Autodesk is trying to generate and count clicks?
Tell me Neo. Is it a Blue Pill conspiracy?

One of my pet peeves about Civil 3D is the nauseating way you are always having to crawl around the operating system to find and get resources. Autodesk continues to make this worse and worse with no end or software management setting solution for Open dialog boxes in sight. Don’t hold your breath. However, you should know that a new…

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 Update 1 is Coming

There will be an Autodesk preview webinar on Sept 20, 2017 presented by Tim Yarris of Autodesk.
Sign up here.


  • Rehabbing a road using new, intelligent subassemblies and an interactive interface.
    This new workflow will help you optimize your design to minimize milling and leveling, which will enable you to rehab more miles of road.
  • Managing projections and crossings in cross sections
  • Sharing styles, settings, and other resources through reference templates

Meanwhile back at the shack, you might be using an older release of Civil 3D every day in production.
The Framework supports that.
I believe a thoughtful reduction of Open clicks is possible and really helpful. Imagine that…

Some Solutions to Manage Open Clicks in Civil 3D

I pointed someone to this video and related post last week. He asked about managing resources…He pinged me back.

“You actually supply a pre-built library of Survey Queries?”

Yes, and the tools to build and maintain them. We said power-packed resources.

See the Civil 3D Survey Query AddOn and Library and a bunch of related posts and videos.

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