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Last week Autodesk upgraded their Photo-to-3D cloud service product and gave it a new name – Autodesk ReCap Photo. The cloud viewing and sharing version of this app used to be called ReMake. Autodesk changed the name and many critical aspects of what is offered. Hence the rebrand.

Autodesk ReCap Photo is a substantial upgrade to the previous offering. The Photo upgrade is focused on practical integration drone survey with both LiDAR scan data and photogrammetry data functionalities. Here’s some eye-candy in a playlist.

The New Autodesk ReCap Photo

What is named Autodesk ReCap Photo is part of the Autodesk ReCap Pro subscription offering.

All the processing capabilities are cloud based only and consume Autodesk Cloud Credits.

Autodesk is currently also offering major reductions in the ReCap Pro subscription price.

Autodesk ReCap Photo and Autodesk ReCap Pro

Autodesk ReCap Photo does require that you have an Autodesk ReCap Pro subscription.
If you have an Autodesk ReCap Pro subscription you can install ReCap Photo.
You need to visit the ReCap Pro download page on the subscription site and get the upgrade.
The Photo install is included in a ReCap Pro 2018 4.2 R3 Upgrade.
After download and start of Setup the ReCap Install screen will offer you the choice to install ReCap Photo.

Features and Benefits of ReCap Photo Include:

  • A new photogrammetry engine that can process up to 1,000 photos, a 4x improvement from the previous maximum of 250 photos
    (Note: using the cloud service consumes Autodesk Cloud Credits)
  • The ability to set GPCs (Ground Control Points, survey points) in any coordinate system.
  • New functionality to support vertical and nadir photos
    (photos taken by drones and UAVs at 90 degrees above the site)
  • View your 3D photo-textured mesh
  • View the geolocated orthographic view, zoom in and out, and add measurements, tags, and annotations.
  • Share the project, including its additional metadata (measurements, tags, annotations), with anyone.
  • Merge laser scan point clouds with UAV-based point clouds.