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Every AutoCAD Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D styles collection of resources needs continuous improvement as the software evolves. The Framework for Civil 3D doesn’t dodge those dicey details. Those details tend to consume way too many of your production man-hours. Our recent series of posts about the new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.1 Rehab Corridor tools clarifies the need for better and improved Style tools for Civil 3D that work out of the box.

This month we release a new Subassembly Spreadsheet Tool and series of Civil 3D Style and other related resources for the new Civil 3D 2018.1 Rehab Tools. If you are a current Release 7 2018 Framework for Civil 3D customer, the new Subassembly Tool 2018.1 AddOn is a free download.

This latest Release 7 AddOn for 2018 also contains some useful and practical production updates to almost all of the supplied Code Set Styles in the Framework for Civil 3D.

Subassembly Tool 2018.1 AddOn

The AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.1 Update introduced new Rehab subassemblies and new subassembly codes.

The new Framework for Civil 3D Subassembly Tool AddOn for 2018.1 includes:

A new version of the Subassembly Spreadsheet Tool

  • Includes updates to the new 2018.1 Rehab subassembly Point codes
  • The Subassembly Spreadsheet Tool documentation on the website is updated

Resource drawings for the new 2018.1 Rehab Subassemblies

  • One resource drawing with updated Code Set Styles for the Rehab Subassemblies
  • Another resource drawing in raw Standard Code Set Style form for easy insertion of all new Rehab subassemblies into a working drawing
  • Updates to the Standard and Code Set Style resource drawings of all Civil 3D stock subassemblies to include 2018.1 Rehab subassemblies

Updates to the Civil 3D General Style collection drawings including:

  • Updates to Mill. Level, and Overlay Shape Styles
  • Added new Edge of Overlay Feature Line Style
  • Appropriate Code Set Style updates (see below)
  • Updates to all General Style collection drawings with Code Set Styles, Feature Line Styles, and Shape Style references

Updates to all supplied Code Set Styles

  • All Code Set Style updated as is appropriate for 2018.1 Rehab subassemblies
  • Minor fixes, updates, and errors of omission were also completed

The full listing of changes and updates in the AddOn are listed in detail on the Release 7 Details page .

Apply the Updates

Suppled template resources were intentionally not updated with the AddOn.

Please be aware that the current version of the Civil 3D Style Import Tool will NOT recognize Code Set Style differences in the specifics of Code Set Style definitions.

All updates should be performed using classic Drag and Drop update methods or by employing a planned Reference Template methodology.

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