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This is the season for giving at the home of the best and most affordable Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles collections for AutoCAD Civil 3D. We release yet another significant and free Release 7 Framework for Civil 3D AddOn this month. You can now get more from your Survey Db data faster, cleaner, and in more forms.

A Civil 3D Gift That Keeps Giving

All Release 7 Jump Kit customers can now download the latest updated version of the Survey Query AddOn Tool and Library from the appropriate product download pages. This update is not available to Release 7 Templates Only customers.

The Release 7 Survey Query AddOn Gets an Update

This update to the Survey Query AddOn replaces all previously supplied Survey Query resources for all supported releases of Civil 3D. The readme supplied in the download zip file clarifies the specific folder and files that may be replaced.

Updates to Survey Query Help

The Survey Query Tool help and support page in the Members>>Documentation>>Spreadsheet Tools section was updated with all the detailed changes. You must Register and login to access the help.

The Survey Query Tool help and support page includes additional functional help for Survey Queries. This includes step by step instructions and detailed hints about the construction and maintenance of Survey Queries that are definitely not included in the current versions of the AutoCAD Civil 3D on-line help files.

The Survey Query Tool help and support page now also includes a new complete list of the Survey Query comparators with all the numeric codes. This list is also reflected in updates to the supplied spreadsheet resources.

Updates to the Survey Query Spreadsheet Tool

The updated Survey Query Spreadsheet Tool now includes built-in pick list for the comparator operators to aid in easier construction of more complex Point and Figure rows for Survey Query QML files outside of Civil 3D.

All the supplied QML row sheets in the example Spreadsheet Tool were updated to employ the new pick list for the comparator operators. Most Framework supplied Survey Codes integrated to the Description Key Sets and supplied Survey Figure Prefix Dbs are included in the example sheets and/or Survey Query Library QML files.

Updates to the Query Library

All the supplied external Survey Query QML files were updated to reduce confusing information and tested for errors and omissions. See the above Survey Query Tool help and support page for the Framework Survey Query naming convention details.

The supplied resources include detail Point and Figure Survey Query QML files for:

  • Most supplied Framework for Civil 3D Description Key Sets
  • All classic utilities and the supported variations of civil infrastructure
  • Most classic roadway figure and point codes in varied combinations for faster Figure and Point QAQC production including faster surface construction.
  • QAQC variations to find Survey code specifics
  • QAQC variations to help identified edited survey data
  • Queries optimized for faster edits of Point Label annotation for specific codes
  • And more

See the video on how to setup up these powerful Framework Civil 3D resources – Civil 3D Shared Resource Shortcuts

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