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Department of Public Works agencies employ the Framework for Civil 3D for countless reasons. Public Works Directors, Assistant Public Works Directors, and their staff from all over say the choice simply makes sense.

Our customers today include public works departments in major metros; well-known counties, townships, and parishes; and certainly a host of smaller public works agencies of many kinds all over the country. In truth, a significant percentage of Autodesk government Civil 3D implementation success stories are our customers in one form or another. There are reasons for that.

The Framework for Civil 3D Always Improves

Survey isn’t Design. Design isn’t Operations. Public Works infrastructure is complex, interdepartmental, and often multi-disciplinary. Infrastructure is expensive to design and build, and more expensive to maintain.

Put another way- An intersection traffic signal diagram is not a roadway rehab pavement project, but we often have to do both at the same time and in the same software for one project. Don’t we?

We believed from the get go that Civil 3D would play significant role in reducing those costs if we could change a few mission critical things.

To get your public works standards (or company standards) built within the context of software that constantly evolves is itself challenging. To successfully implement those adapted standards across multiple sub-departments, your uphill or peer partners, and external consulting partners or to remote offices gets to be trickier yet. People with varied skill levels must learn to and actually employ those standards in real-world projects.

The implementation challenge never ends.
Then Autodesk delivers another new release.

To meet all of these varied needs and demands the Framework has to deliver something new under the sun. I like to call this discontinuous innovation…

Adaptive Standards for Civil 3D

“Can Civil 3D be customized?” Sure. This is not the most important question.

We ask a very different question.
Can we build a practical Managed System for all the many parts of a Civil 3D customization that is robust, adaptive, and maintainable?
Better yet - Can we make that Managed System usable and affordable to all?

We discovered right away that we needed to deliver a staggering amount of customer field-tested choice to make the Framework both functional and acceptable in the real world. The answer to the other question is – Yes. It’s probably in there.

It is Easier to Edit than Create

It is Even Easier to Delete than Edit

Seriously…See the recent post The Civil 3D Production Vehicle is sUber. It’s all about the fast way to get to work in InstantOn by the delete method so you focus on the important work.

We support the recognized national standards and do so in a complete and detailed way unmatched by anyone else in the marketplace. Ask. Do they support multiple releases of Civil 3D and guarantee that their customization will run in the next release? Our Release 7 products for AutoCAD Civil 3D even allow you to change specific things to meet your local preferences and requirements without breaking the critical rules.

Fast and Flexible

Release 7 Framework customers received 4 new different ways to manage the details of the Layer Systems in only the last month. Two flavors of NCS 5.0. Two brand new flavors of NCS 6.0.

Who would be believe you could easily change and/or upgrade Layer Systems in real project drawings in a few clicks inside of Civil 3D. Trust me. The demo video would be boring and over before you could read this paragraph.
Register and read the on-line help documentation for the Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools.

The Intrgrated Managed System and Perspective Matters

The point is that stuff that appears to be a big hassle about Civil 3D might not be that much of an obstacle as it first appears.

Get Templates Only

Test drive the Framework today in AutoCAD CIvil 3D 2018, Civil 3D 2017, or Civil 3D 2016.

You can invest thousands of dollars for customized solutions for AutoCAD Civil 3D and get far less than the Framework Products deliver to public works organizations out of the box.

The Best Public Works Solution for AutoCAD Civil 3D

Long-term proven support for AutoCAD Civil 3D

  • Support for multiple releases of Civil 3D
  • Reduced maintenance and licensing fees
  • Guaranteed upgrade support
  • Guaranteed support for new features and styles
  • Affordable solutions that are built to stay that way

Deep and detailed resource support for all the powerful modeling tools in Civil 3D

  • Rich quality assurance and control tools are simply built-in
  • Survey in more detail and with more flexible and adaptive resources
  • Surface construction and grading solutions that include details found nowhere else
  • Parcel and Land Management
  • Roadway design with deep detailed resources for common roads in all environments
  • Gravity Pipe Systems
  • Pressure Pipe Systems
  • Landscape and Recycled Water
  • Street Lighting Systems
  • Traffic Signal Systems
  • Advanced infrastructure support for diverse and necessary utilities

Work internally across different departments

  • Whole product Design and Survey System solutions with no missing pieces or resources
  • Discipline specific multi-departmental integrated resources found no where else
  • Support import and export from different ACAD applications
  • Consistent and demonstrable support for import and export to other CAD and GIS applications
  • Code-less solutions – no IS or IT hassles or installation issues with third party applications

Work with all your consultants at a more reasonable cost

  • Package your standards without the burden of extra maintenance costs
  • More Consistent Digital Submittals with less hassle
  • Easy to use and easy to install products
  • Unmatched NCS support in detail with deep but easy customization
  • Published Open Standards that work
  • The deepest Style and Symbol libraries available anywhere

Advanced Civil 3D Customization and Maintenence Tools are built in

  • Most require only basic or intermediate AutoCAD skills to execute
  • In-depth libraries that probably already include everything you need
  • Easy to customize and built with reduced maintenance costs in mind

Rich AutoCAD Civil 3D Training and support resources

  • In-depth and online AutoCAD Civil 3D help and support
  • In-detail complete recorded courses in everything Civil 3D
  • Production focused tutorials with the training resources supplied

Go ahead register here. You can test our online resources for AutoCAD Civil 3D for free.
Want a customized solution based on the Framework? – No problem with that.

Have your Autodesk Government Reseller call us. Many Civil 3D Experts already partner with us.

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