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The highways and byways of America are littered with customized Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles that fail. They won’t cut the mustard on my big-stack pastrami Rueben. Tools that don’t stand and pass the workday muster are like growing up believing that kosher pickles are supposed to be limp and soggy things. Ok, this deli food metaphor is getting out of hand. Nasty.

It’s sad. We don’t know what we don’t know. Style Scarcity and Style Chaos are a common crimes in Civil 3D Land. Autodesk has trained us to believe that a functional Civil 3D out of the box is impossible. You get the software. Now you have to mess with it for days, months, and years.

I have a good friend who is a real Civil 3D expert. He got a new CAD Manager gig with one of those places with the half-baked bread. Basically, everyone personally wings it until their project is out the door. He decided to try Jump Kit. Like everyone else he was more production work to do than time to get things fixed. After a bit, I checked in and asked if he’d like some help. It’s what friends and business folk do.

“At this point I’m not sure what’s in there never mind what I need to change.”

“Dude. In the beginning no one does. Install the templates and the resources and go to work.”

“I’m not sure I can do that. What if…”

“I get it. You have the Eeyore Syndrome... Like in Winny-the-Pooh. If it’s AutoCAD, you believe you have to mess with it otherwise it will never work. This mindset is probably my biggest business problem. People think they have to immediately change the Framework to make it work.
What if the templates do work?
Install the templates and the resources and go to work.
If you get stuck with something ping me. I’ll point you to the help or a video.”

Maybe you want check out the recent The Civil 3D Production Vehicle is sUber post. It has the first steps that customers say worked for them.

I buzzed back in another little while…

“You know I did what you said.
It works.
I owe you lunch. Make that a bunch of lunches.
Now, about making all our old Survey Codes work…”

Registered Members of the site can now login access the new Spreadsheet Tools help pages.

Framework for Civil 3D Spreadsheet Tool Help

The Framework’s popular Spreadsheet Tools for tweaking and customizing Civil 3D make the Managed System work. Coupled with our InstantOn and Jump Kit  Civil 3D template and Civil 3D Style resources the Spreadsheet Tools make Civil 3D better, faster, and more robust by orders of magnitude.

They significantly improve Civil 3D CAD Standards consistency and deliver more robust workday performance in production environments.

Like what you do now? No problem. Maybe you only need new support for an NCS Layer scheme? We have customers who already maintain their own templates and styles libraries but employ the powerful Spreadsheet Tools to help keep their sanity. No need to reinvent the Civil 3D CAD management wheel.

The following Spreadsheet Tools pages have now all been updated.

Layer Standards

These now all reflect latest versions of the Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools delivered in recent AddOns. Customers should check the appropriate product download pages for the new AddOns.
See the recent Framework for Civil 3D NCS 6 Layers post for details and other links.

Support for multiple flavors and variants of the NCS are now built into the Framework for Civil 3D.

  • Layer Standards Tools
    • Layer Standards Tool
    • CTB Layer Standards Tool
    • Layer States
    • Identity and Color
    • Standard Keys for NCS 6

Survey Codes, Description Keys, Figures and Survey Queries

This well-integrated stream of related Spreadsheet Tools can make a significant difference to your Civil 3D production capabilities.

Lots of updates based on user feedback, upcoming Release 7 AddOns, and Release 8 new features in the Spreadsheet Tools for these Civil 3D essential integrations.

  • Survey Code Tool
  • Description Key Set Tool
  • Figure Db Tool
  • Subassembly Codes Tool
  • Survey Query Tool

Improved explanations of Spreadsheet Tools details and better step-by-step how to’s are included.

It’s now even easier to get around and find what you need in the in-depth Spreadsheet Tools pages documentation.

Want to find out if all the brouhaha is worth it. Try Templates Only to see the results in action.

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