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I am sure you already noticed. This weekend we released a new and improved version of our website.
Fear not! You regular visitors and customers should not have much difficulty adjusting to the improved site design and navigation. We tried not to move around the important content our site users and customers depend on.

A Fresh Look to Great Civil 3D Content

I hope you like and enjoy the new design. My design goal is obviously not to win a website design award. Sorry, I avoided parallax scrolling landing pages, fake news ticklers, and other cool sexy stuff.

From my perspective delivery of lots of good specialized content remains paramount. When you host one of longest running and most prolific Civil 3D blogs and a huge curated, video training collection, easy visitor access to the substantive content is the most important thing. It makes sense to me.

State of the Art Whiz-bang

The new website design does include support for the latest Bootstrap 4.1.1 framework and features much improved desktop and mobile user support and performance.

All of the site tools and backend apps were upgraded to the latest and greatest versions. Funny thing is, most my favorite design and interface tools have somehow almost all now become industry best-in-class tools. Honestly, I probably just got lucky with my choices. These application of the tools were tweaked to improve both the tool performance and ease of use. This remains an on-going work in progress.

The new site already performs reasonably well the standard page speed and performance tests too. As is the norm, we do still have a few new ways to improve things.

After a weekend bashing through minor page adjustments, the first Beach Boys #1 hit from 54 years ago is ringing in my ears for some weird reason. Their classic hit defines the essence of two-minute tune and need I say it - summer.

I Get Around

It seemed appropriate to use the 45rpm mono track.

We definitely improved visitor ability to navigate the site’s large collections of blog, video, and news posts.

Search results navigation is also better and quicker too.

If you Register and login, the Members section now also includes improved navigation for the large collection of curated in-depth and in-detail Framework for Civil 3D help pages.
Even if you are not a Framework customer, there is a staggering amount of Civil 3D to learn squirreled away in there.

We tested the new website design in all the recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.
We even tested browsers in multiple operating systems too.
If you experience issues, please let us know.

Known Issues

At the moment the only semi-serious issue seems to be the playing of embedded YouTube videos on some Android phones. These videos play fine everywhere else. For a few days you may have to cast some public videos from a computer.

For some bizarre reason the Last navigation button for pages collections goes nowhere good in some recent versions of Firefox. This works fine in Chrome and Edge.

Then again maybe these will be fixed before this post is published. It is all about continuous development after all. Speaking of that…

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