The Infraworks 2019.1 Update is Big

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For reasons that remain even a mystery even to me, this month has been a collection of large-scale project questions and answers. Everyone who called seemed to have a larger and more complex project in the works. They were all head down in the practical details of large SurveyDb projects or big lidar point cloud data sets coupled in their projects with lots of connected models delivered in various flavors of data formats. Sounds like Infraworks time to me.

Sarah Cunningham, the Autodesk Infraworks Product Manger, did good webinar on the new release this week. If you missed it, here’s the video with a handy timeline the helps you get to the juicy bits a bit quicker.


Video Timeline


The Infraworks 2019.1 Update

The latest and greatest Infraworks 2019.1 update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site. I see no reason to repeat in detail the new features list that can also be viewed on the Infraworks Help What’s New page.

As is the norm, the Infraworks 2019.1 install will overwrite any previous Infraworks install.

Your models from the previous release will need to be upgraded to the new 2019.1 release build.
It is strongly recommended that you backup your models before upgrading.

What’s New in 2019.1 Highlights

  • Better back and forth Infraworks/Civil 3D support of spirals and preservation of complex non-clothoid spiral types
  • K-value vertical curve design support
  • All design roads in models are automatically converted to Component Roads
  • Planning Roads for complex networks
  • Initial support for ArcGIS imports via the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS (preview)
  • Improved BIM 360 collaboration tools
  • Improved configuration details for 2019 Shared Views
  • Shared Views from Infraworks are now available to others without Infraworks installed.

Fixes in 2019.1

See the readme

Rubber on the Road to Preparation

Those two aforementioned Infraworks 2019.1 features of the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS and the Shared Views that are now available to others without Infraworks installed solved many of the large project collaboration questions that came my way. Funny how that happens.

Oops. Sorry, I almost forgot about the Shared Reference Point Tool which is always available via download from the subscription site. John Sayre’s video on Shared Reference Points Across Products is a must watch before every new project you start.

Silly me. Didn’t I just finish an in-depth series on Civil 3D Project Startups?
Dang it.
Did I really forget to suggest that you might want to build an Infraworks model on the morning of the first day.
Genesis or genius? I’m not sure which.
I know this…

We only can benefit from the begats when we do the reps consistently.

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