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Autodesk continues the August flood of the Civil 3D 2019.1 release cycle products. When the blitz happens it feels like we’re installing a new Autodesk update for something else every day. This is a good news bad news thing. It’s good the updates come out and mostly make our work easier. It’s bad that we still have to pay a bit more attention than we’d like to all of this.

Does your Civil 3D Ribbon menu now look like the filing tabs in an IRS auditor’s briefcase?

How Many Autodesk Apps Do You have to Know?

I was kidding around on the phone with another Autodesk software guru this week that now we have to learn AutoCAD, Map3D, Civil 3D, Infraworks, ReCAP, Revit (or at least Revit Structure, Bridge and Rebar), and a good bit of Inventor just to remain competent. Oops. I did not forget. We need to know the Subassembly Composer too. What about the Infrastructure Parts Editor? For all users this can be daunting prospect to say the least.

Some of this code diversity is the nature of specialized engineering and design applications. Some of it is the mere fact that Autodesk drops a lot of the core production customization onto our heads as though our individual and organizational needs and wishes are actually all that particular and special.

Here’s a question:  Are these particulars so diverse simply because we feel doomed to do it that way?

 “Civil Engineers need to do engineering not customize software.
Surveyors need to gather data and analyze not recreate interfaces."

For many these days Civil 3D Customization means –
Make the software we pay for perform… productively.

Because we are engineers and design professionals we do want to mess with stuff to make it better. That is why we get up in the morning. Do we really have to reengineer the tools too?
Maybe a little (grin).
It always amazes me how many of the Autodesk University sessions are dedicated to this pursuit.

Managed Resources Produce Better Results

This real-world, man-hour quandary led to the birth, adaptability, and success of the Framework for Civil 3D. Meaningful, practical, and productive content matters almost as much as code. You spend a ton of time on it. You spend way more effort than you want to admit.

Put another way – the better books in a library are the reason for the library in the first place. Maybe you’d prefer to substitute movies or shows for books and Netflix or Prime for library. Can collections of better items from lots of folks be curated into a more productive whole? You bet.

If you employ Civil 3D, the Framework for Civil 3D can make you and your organization more productive. The Framework is an affordable, competitive advantage, if you put it to work. That’s easier than you think because the Framework is built with neuroscience and human users in mind.

Autodesk’s Tim Yarris did a recent webcast on the details of the Civil 3D 2019.1 Upgrade goodies. Maybe you missed it. I included a timeline so you can skip to the parts of the webinar that seem to mean the most to you.
Watch the new LandXML section in the webinar recording. Published surfaces to your grading contractors can get better if you pay attention. Oh Ok. You do have to do a good surface too.



Autodesk's Tim Yarris and Ben Wardell demo and outline in-depth and detail the latest improvements to Civil 3D 2019.1.


Civil 3D 2019.1 Module Upgrades

As of this post we have yet to see the Vehicle Tracking Update for 2019.1. Will Autodesk surprise us and license more of Transoft’s intersection technology for use in Civil 3D? We hope so.

The Geotechnical 2019.1 and River and Flood Analysis 2019.1 modules were released last week. The updates also included a River and Flood Analysis Civil 3D 2018.1 module for backwards compatibility.

The Autodesk MicroDrainage Utility 2019 Extension was also released this week.

Speaking of Civil 3D 2019 interoperability and Microstation - the Import and Export Extension for GENIO for Civil Civil 3D 2019.1 – aka the Civil 3D Bentley InRoads interoperability app was also released.

What do you know? The Framework for Civil 3D has been helping folks publish more easily into raw AutoCAD and DGN environments for ages. There’s a video and entire post series and video courses about that.

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