The Planned and Managed Project in Civil 3D

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The best companies that employ Civil 3D plan and manage their projects for creation, maintenance, and deliverables success. It is easy to mouth these conceptual platitudes. Are they AU bumper stickers? The work reminds me of Labor Day. We must acknowledge that the continuous development discipline and work is hard to do. The fixes are emotionally hard to keep doing. This is why the results of that on-going struggle can become a significant organizational competitive advantage. That success is up to you. Let’s call it…

Sweat Equity in Civil 3D

Funny thing. You don’t have to be a big organization to produce the benefits of this competitive advantage either. Small is beautiful. Big often means you have too many looky-loos and additional historic inertia. Not invented here is always the huge obstacle for the successful.

A project team is unquestionably the better way to learn and execute the…

Planned and Managed Project Model in Civil 3D

Technically from a management perspective, I should amend that to say the competitive project teams are the best way to learn and execute the Planned and Managed Project model in Civil 3D.

I know that the competitive team dynamic is an act of organizational daring do. I can testify the competitive team approach challenges that tension between your personal management and leadership skills. For larger organizations the competitive project team method does help overcome all that other inertia.

You should actually measure results. Man-hours and results matter. Both Civil 3D and Revit (for example) have tools in them help to do this. Who knew?

Those folks who do the Planned and Managed Project did. Find the tools and learn how to amend your metrics with them.

Even without those software reporting tools anyone can do this much:

What is your daily proof of work?

This enables your on-going project QAQC at the same time.
This can ritualize your plan check.
Ok. Here’s the hint: DWF it where it is supposed to go in the project structure.
Where’s that? Made the point.

If you are ever going to financially benefit from cloud-based collaboration tools like BIM 360 Docs and all the rest, you get your in-house act together or you don’t. Does personalized information management look like your Documents folder? More publishing chaos is not by itself going to help.

A visualization of what the Planned and Managed Project looks like might help.

Civil 3D Reference Templates and Project Placeholders

A ton of new Framework for Civil 3D customers jump on board at the beginning of new projects for exactly these reasons. Concentrate on the work that matters. You know all about that focus on majors and not minors thing.

Where does the recipe for this not-so-secret sauce begin inside or outside of Civil 3D?

Civil 3D Project Templates

There’s a recent in-depth series on Planned and Managed Project mechanics. There are lots of videos in the series. These aren’t sexy new Civil 3D feature demos as fun and informative as those can be. These are the nuts and bolts that make a productive, consistent, and improving difference in your real world projects. Pick your poison…

Everyone starts again somewhere.

The Templates, Resources, and Tools That Matter
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Planned and Managed Project Posts

Civil 3D methods and tools to strip man-hours from project work. Most posts include videos.