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Our Framework for Civil 3D customers happily do not spend hours and hours hassling with standards compliance issues in Civil 3D. The Framework’s managed system supports more standards much better than any available products or services offered anywhere.

Can your Civil 3D templates, Civil 3D Styles, and other missions critical resources for Civil 3D do that?

We do the research and the work so Framework users don’t have to take time away from doing what they are paid for – produce compliant deliverables for civil engineering and survey projects faster than the competition and for fewer invested man-hours.

Last week we released the Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AddOn. Today, we release the complimentary…

Release 8 Layers Standards NCS 6 AIA AddOn

Our latest Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AIA AddOn supports NCS 6, GSA, and now includes in-depth and in-detail support for the DOD (Department of Defense) and US Army Corps layer standards.

All these standards are delivered for both STB and CTB based publishing systems. Yes. That is amazing. It’s maybe a bit terrifying if you think about it.

The Framework for Civil 3D’s robust, adaptive, and flexible approach to CAD Layer Standards in Civil 3D allows our customers to meet the demanding requirements in more projects, more jurisdictions, and for more diverse clients with less work, improved ease of use, and better publication capabilities.

The Framework for Civil 3D is Competitive Advantage for Civil 3D

The new Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AIA AddOn is included with Release 7 Jump Kit 2018 and Release 7 Jump Kit 2019 products. Become a Jump Kit customer today.

Current Release 7 Framework for Civil 3D 2018 and 2019 customers can visit the respective download pages and download for free the latest:

  • Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AIA AddOn

The Release 8 NCS 6 AIA AddOn includes more new features and many more managed capabilities than even our already powerful Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools and resources.


Release 8 Layer Standards Superpowers

The Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AIA AddOn now includes built-in multiple NCS Discipline support.
We included all the NCS 6.0 Discipline specific Layer Standards resources for:

  • Civil, Survey, Landscape, Hydro-survey, Geotechnical, Beach, Airport, Flood, Structural and more
  • Architecture, Interiors, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Hazardous Materials and more
  • We even included the resources for some common civil/survey project mashups

That’s right. Out of the box we supply thousands of layers with layer specific properties driven by the Framework’s super-consistent standards rules and Open Keys for the NCS 6.0. No need to reinvent the wheel to get work out the door. You get the customization ability to modify and change any and all of those rules. The Framework for Civil 3D vast Civil 3D Style library can be easily updated to support the new Release 8 Layer Standard.

This is the Framework for Civil 3D innovative difference. The Framework’s power to…

Work the Same Publish On Demand

The new Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AIA AddOn now includes automatic screening of layers via Layer States based on choices of NCS Disciplines. Whether you choose to publish a screened version of any Discipline layer set is fully customizable and easy to execute with the supplied Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools for both STB and CTB.

For example: You want design Civil and Landscape layers not to be screened but want Survey, Geotechnical, and Hazardous Materials layers to be screened. On the existing conditions side - the reverse is automatically assigned with all the necessary publication mechanics managed by rule or exceptions in either STB or CTB publishing environments.

The Framework’ built in Layer States make this an easy single click solution in Civil 3D production environments. Simply put- The Framework makes Intelligent Publish on Demand possible, practical, and productive for all Civil 3D users.

Layer Standards for More Types of Projects

Do FEMA work and/or Flood Control projects? Beach Rehab? Do you have eyes on an Airfield retrofit and expansion project? Want to bid on DOD or US Army Corps projects? You can perform the work today in Civil 3D with less hassle.

Affordable workday productivity coupled with more potential work. Imagine that.

Release 8 Layer Standards NCS 6 AIA AddOn

The Release 8 Layers NCS 6 AIA AddOn supports the classic AIA NCS 6 compliant Layer Standards for utilities.
In other words, the external utilities and infrastructure layers are the same as the AIA building project-based utility layers.

You can even work in the Framework’s NCS compliant layer standards. Many civil survey organizations prefer this common sense approach for external public utility infrastructure system. You can easily post process deliverables into the classic AIA NCS 6 compliant Layer Standards for utilities.

  • Easy single script forward and back conversion of Framework utility Layer to AIA utilities and vice versa
  • Fully customizable STB and CTB Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools are included
  • Easy single command forward and back conversion of the Release 7 NCS 5.0 Layers and Key system to the NCS 6.0 Key system and Layer scheme
  • Rename and Reset Rename script resource files are supplied
    You can pre-process templates or post-process published digital deliverables in a flash
  • Layer Standards files are supplied in the .dwg format for both STB and CTB
    These include multiple Layer States to drive user productivity and ease of publication
  • Key resources and specifics are supplied for all the NCS 6.0 official Disciplines
    This allows for the quicker addition of other NCS Discipline and specialty Layers
  • Consistent DOD specific software (DGN-based) Key translations are performed automatically
    The automatic Key reversal scripts for these conversions are supplied
    Documentation of the converted/affected Keys is supplied in detail
  • Many new Production sheets are supplied for all typical NCS Disciplines and automatic screening of discrete Disciplines is fully supported in all Production sheets
  • In-depth Layer State creation scripts are supplied for all Production sheets
    Multiple scripts are supplied to create your own Layer standards mashups with Layer States
  • Full support for either small or large project NCS Layer naming conventions.
    (e.g. C- or CG discipline code systems)
    This prefix Key functionality can be tuned to produce a departmental layer scheme with next to no effort
  • Full support for the published NCS Status or NCS Phase modifiers
  • Support for single tilde characters in Key names
  • Full interoperability or exchange of templates and drawings for both STB and CTB versions of the Spreadsheet Tools results is maintained.
  • Employment and customization of the first 9 basic AutoCAD colors
    Specifics to customize particulars for all the ACI colors can be employed if required
  • Ability to convert from AutoCAD ACI color scheme to an RGB color schemes for STB
    See the Identity Utility and Colors in Civil 3D post for ACI to RGB
  • Ability to tweak the new Layer Standard Spreadsheet Tools to support the exact specifications of the entire DOD specification for all Disciplines if required
    All the raw layer property definitions from the current DOD specifications are included.

Get The Higher Standard for Civil 3D

The Framework for Civil 3D is the higher standard that standards for Civil 3D are built from.

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Note: If you already downloaded the Release 8 Layers NCS AddOn, there is a new version of the AddOn that now includes the back and forth utility conversion scripts. See the product download page for more details.